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16 Nov. Jimmie Johnson - NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion!
Carl Edwards gave it his best but JJ ties Cale Yarborough's record of three in a row. In the other series, the truck championship was grabbed by Johnny Benson and NW by Clint Boyer. We're glad it is over but now there's nothing left to do until March except have beer and donuts.

11 Nov.
ne more race to go and it is looking like Jimmy Johnson is going to wrap three titles in a row? We like him so that's o-tay with us!

16 Oct.
kay, we're going to have to break down and admit that we have watched most of the chase races. Hey, there isn't much else on and as soon as our beloved GP series are over, NASCRAP will be all that's left

10 Oct.
e missed a few updates but wasn't Talledega a crashfest? With nothing better on, we'll be catching the action from Charlotte this weenend.
21 Sept.
iffle again. Wow!
14 Sept.
iffle, that's different!
12 Sept.
1st Chase race no qual.
9 Sept.
awn. Time for the Chase.
2 Sept.

29 Aug. There's a race this weekend? Oh yeah, Fontana. Big woop! Should we watch to see if the Shrub and Cousin Carl tangle? Naw, too much soap opera. We'll watch some, as long as nothing better is going on.

24 Aug. This weekend pretty much confirms it. Bristol, one of our usual favorites, didn't find the Doob catching the finish of  either event. We tried and failed. Maybe with the chase coming up, we might get a little more excited? Either that or we will be giving up on NASCAR all together?

0 Aug. We're beginning to wonder if we've lost the plot or if we've just become bored as hell with all things NASCAR. We flipped over to watch some motorcycle action on SPEED and forgot to switch back. How sad is that?

11 Aug. Yeah, we watched. Anytime you put big pig stock cars on a road course, it's worth watching. Ambrose winning in NNS was awesome as well as the huge cock up in Cup with only 9 laps to go. The Shrubster somehow manages to win another race. We've had enough of that but don't think it's about to be over anytime soon.

8-8-08. With two good road racing events this weekend, we'll be checking it out and looking for another fantastic event like last week's Montreal but we aren't holding our breath. At any rate, we'll have the headlines for you so check back often.

Even though we are making a point of not giving a rat's ass about Pocono later today, we did see the NNS race from Montreal where they actually raced in the rain for the first time. It was the best thing we've seen come out of the stock car world for a long time. We believe that both Cup and NNS should always race in the rain on road courses from now until forever.

Yeah, we're boycotting this week.

Well? We had the Allstate 400 on the tube but can hardly say we watched much of it. What a farce! This was the worst race evar! What an insult to the fans. We may not even watch Pocono next week as that's usually a crappy race too but nothing can top what we saw today. What a disgrace!

Brickyard 400.
fter a week off, the big boys head to Indianapolis for the Brickyard 400 while the NNS kids are off to ORP for a little Saturday evening action. We'll be checking it out. You should too!
The Kup Kids are goofing off this weekend  and that's a good thing! With all the other great racing this weekend, one more event would push us over the edge and would require double beer and donuts. See you NASCAR peeps in a few days!

Chicagoland and one more time, Kyle Busch brings it home. In fact, he swept the weekend. This kid is the hottest thing on the track these days and while he may not be the fan favorite, he's putting it to his peers and that's always interesting to see. Let's see how it works out for him once the chase gets started but as of now, he's clearly got to be the favorite to take the title?
Daytona and the Diet Coke 400 was one we caught from the start and watched until the end. It was a pretty darned good show, all things considered. Looks like this Saturday night brings us another race but it is scheduled up against Indycar and we have our priorities :-). Still, we should be able to tune in for the end so woo hoo for that!

4 July. Happy 4th o' July to all. We have to admit that good ole NASCAR hasn't been very high on the radar this year. We did catch a little bit of everything last weekend but not all of it and if we had to pick a highlight, it would be Juan Pablo Montoya spinning the Shrub and admitting he did it on purpose. Way to go JPM! So, as a long time fan, we'll be at least tuning into the historic Firecracker 400, oops, the Diet Coke whatever this weekend.

Caught most of the truck race and Cousin Carl's cheap ass bump pass on Boyer in NNS. That kind of driving is chickenshit but since Dale Sr. did it, it's okay, I guess. So it looks like The Shrub is a roadracer now? Damn kid can't be stopped unless he's at the epicenter of a wreck.

15 June.
Ok, KB's move in the truck race with Horneyday was pretty chickenshit and totally unnecessary. Congrats to Joey Logano for his win in the Nationwide series though. The Cup race is still on tap as of this update so be sure to check back later to see what we have to bitch about!

6 June. We're making amends and tuning into a nice little NCTS race from Texas this evening. What's bad boy Rowdy Busch going to do tonight? We have no idea but whatever it is, there will probably be some excitement and swear words involved. This weekend has enough racing to make any motorhead happy and we're kicking the whole thing off on the right foot! Doobity!
Against good intentions, The Dube hangs thy head in shame as we didn't actually see much of the Cup kids at Dover. Tuned in to see the start, tuned back in to see the big cock up that took out most of the favorites and tuned in to see everybody's anti-hero, The Shrub, stick another feather in his hat. We conjectured over on the forums that KB might be the next Jeff Gordon but Despain is calling him the new Intimidator. Can't say we agree with that but love or hate him, the kid's hot.

Up for today is the concrete track, the Monster Mile, Dover. Caught most of the action in the Nationwide race yesterday and a huge congrats goes out to Scott Speed for taking the win in NCTS. We'll be back later with more comments from the peanut gallery but the NASCAR boys have some competition for TV time today with Superbikes from Utah and Indycar from Milwaukee. Good thing we have plenty of TVs going here at DooberVille Central!

Kasey Kahne? Dude! Way to go winning the Coke 600 and the All-Star race from Charlotte. The Shrub did his thing again in the Nationwide race and regardless of what the Jr. Nation thinks, the boy is hot!

Big racing weekend including the Coca-Cola 600 from Charlotte. Shrub is on the pole for this one but can he make it 600 miles without crashing the field or having a mechanical? I'm saying no. Think I'm wrong? Come one over to the forums and tell me I'm full of it.
Meh. The All-Star race was kind of a snoozer but pretty cool that Kasey Kahne got the fan vote and won the damn thing. We'll be catching the big Coke 600 after Indy on Sunday so come on down!

Its the big weekend for The Winston! Oops! I mean the NASCAR All-Star Race. We're picking Jeff Gordon (to be the guy Kyle Busch takes out) for the win. Hahahaa! I crack myself out sometimes! Come join up on the forums and talk some NASCAR trash. It'll be fun!

The Shrub does it again! Is Kyle Busch the next Jeff Gordon? Come visit this thread over on the boards and give us your opinion!

Off this weekend to another historic track: Darlington, the Lady in Black. Old fans probably know but do you know where that came from? Come share your smarts over in our NASCAR forum. Heck with making a link, just click the button up there on the right and scroll down to Autoville!
Richmond- What can we say? Kyle Busch is either the best driver in NASCAR or the most hated? Which is it? Anyone catch Dave Despain's "My Take" bit on sunday night? I was cracking up! Let's hear what you have to say about it. Hop on over the the NASCAR section on the DooberVille Forums!
That was a heck of a NNS race yesterday, eh? I thought Franchitti was hurt worse than he was (broken ankle). The big show is just getting underway and we'll be checking out all the action from Talladega. Come on over to the forums and post your comments.
An off weekend for the Cup boys and we got to see a crashfest from Mexico City. It was painful to watch and how the heck many times did Boris Said crash/spin anyway?

It's off to Talledega next weekend and on WindTunnel tonight, DW confirmed his prediction of Junior for the win. Heck, Danica won, Rahal won and a win from Junior would get even more press for motorsports, which is a good thing no matter what the venue or series

Hendrick finally takes a win in Phoenix! Good on JJ & Chad keeping it together those last few laps. I had my fingers crossed that they would make it. Everybody is saying watch out for Junior next week in Talledaga and you count on it that we will!

Well, we're bummin' here in the 'Ville today since it looks like we aren't going to be able to make it to this weekend's event in Phoenix like we planned. Something to do with being deathly ill for a week and dropping the ball on getting tickets? Poo!

Congrats to cousin Carl for his win at Texas today!
Surprised to see Jeffy in the wall-that doesn't happen too often. Shame Jr's car went off as we had big hopes. We're starting to wonder if Hendrick is ever going to win this year?

Martinsville? That's old news! What about Texas, eh? Things have been buzzin' around the 'Ville to such a degree that it's hard to keep up. With everything we love in full swing and all the work put in around this joint, there's barely a spare minute. We'll be catching qualifying action and all the races and if you're watching, why don't you come on down to the forums and let us know.

It's been so busy here in the 'Ville that I almost neglected Martinsville this weekend. DooberVille? Martins-ville? Think there's a connection? We'll be catching the action and watching the boys on SPEED and Fox. Doobity!

Yippyity Skippy!
As kind of a last minute plan, it looks like the Doober Crew will be live and in the flesh for the upcoming Sprint Cup race at Phoenix International Raceway on April 12th.

Time to break out the scanners and headphones, charge up the batteries and punch in the frequencies!

Doobity! Doobity! Doobity!
Let's go racin' boys (and girls)!