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15 Jun 09
Dang, we've really about given up on NASCAR. Big efn deal that the Shrub busted a guitar or Dale Jr. farted. We have watched but not reported but we do think the new double file restarts are good.

Weekend wrap
What can we say but we dropped the ball on NASCAR this week. Saw a little here and there but was pulled in many different directions. When push comes to shove, NASCAR gets bumped and our racing plate was pretty full this weekend. Sue us!

30 May 08
DOH! We so lost interest in the 600 that we didn't even bother making an update. Sorry. Tried to make up for it by watching the trucks Friday night but that didn't work out either. We will try to keep an eye on things from Dover but let's hope the damn weather cooperates. Maybe we'll even look for some new videos to put here instead of those ancient ones too?

24 May 09
Just hours to go before the 600. Just finished F1 and need to get through the Indy 500 and maybe stick a nap in there somewhere but Coke 600, here we come!

Caught most of the action, or lack of it, last night and the big win by Tony Stewart. Tough luck for Gordon who looked like the man to beat. Did he slide up into Shrub and cause the whole deal? Looked like it here but Jeffy's comment was that Kyle could have given him more room? Dunno?

16 May 09
Hmmm, The Winston is tonight except it's called the All-Star race these days. Sounds like a fun time and lot of wrecked cars with a bunch of filler BS in between. We'll watch anyway since we have no life and wouldn't think of going anywhere on a Saturday night!

Weekend Wrap - Lots and lots of cautions but still watchable. Good on Marky Mark for another win but Johnson's finish in 2nd was pretty remarkable too. Once again, Junior is just not with the program. 3 Hendricks cars in the top 5 and JR is still missing pit stops and doing stupid shiat. Oh well.

8 May 09
- Darlington! This is one of the Doob's favorite tracks so we will be catching as much of the action as we can. Gives us something to do on a Saturday night.

03 May 09
Richmond! Man, what a wreckfest! Not much else to say, eh?

Weekend Wrap - Well, suppose there's nothing to talk about except the big wreck? After the first Big One on lap 8, we only half watched because it was a joke. We tuned back in to see the last Big One and of course, Edwards' e-ticket ride. Sympathies to those that wer injured but the catch fence did what it was supposed to do. It was a freak accident and nothing needs to be done about it. (off soapbox). It was too bad the trucks were postponed until Monday when we can't watch and we did see most of the NNS race during our nap on Saturday. We'll be back next week kiddies but meanwhile, keep it here in the 'Ville for your racing news headlines.

25 Apr 09
Off to Alabama this weekend for NNS and Cup and to Kansas for the truck boys to run with the Indycars. Cool!

19 Apr 09
PHOENIX! We made our way out to the Nationwide race on Friday night. Read all about it and see our pictures and video HERE. Congrats to Marky Martin for finding his way to victory lane again. Score one for us old farts!

Hey Dumbass!
here is no truck race in Phoenix on Friday. It is a Nationwide race! All the better! Stay tuned for some pics and report this weekend.

7 Apr 09
Picked up tickets today for the truck race next week in Phoenix. We'll have pics and a story up on the forums so check it out!

5 Apr 09
Gordon Wins in Texas! We admit, there was so much going on, we barely got to watch NASCAR but we did see Jeffy (and the Shrub) take their wins this weekend. The boys are off next weekend for Easter so we'll see you soon.

Update 2 - Hey! That truck race was another good one and a lot more fun than the cup race. Congrats Harvick!

Johnson grows a pair and muscles Hamlin out of the way for the win. Last 10 minutes was pretty good but we're still hoping to catch the trucks on Monday - those boys know how to race.

29 Mar 09
Boo! Trucks rained out on Sat but will be shown on Monday. Cars are still on track at Martinsville so we'll be back later to say something profound.

Update - Damn, NASCAR has gotten boring as hell. Since they "fixed" Bristol a few years ago, it has sucked big ones. Too bad. No nap today though, too busy doing other things that seemed more important but we just couldn't sit and watch this borefest. Ugh! Maybe next week at Martinsville will be better?

20 Mar 09
No trucks but the other guys are at Bristol this weekend. That's a good race to watch, usually, so we'll check it out. Maybe we'll stay awake this time?

Atlanta Wrap -
ell, the Cup race was a snoozefest compared to the truck race yesterday. They absolutely must get rid of the stupid new pit rule of no fuel and tires at the same time for the trucks. It is a terrible idea.

07 MAR 09
No Nationwide boys this weekend but that truck race from Atlanta was a cracker! We'll watch our Cup Kiddes tomorrow and see if they put on a good show.

01 MAR 09 - Vegas? Nationwide was a clusterfark of great proportions. Our silly boy, Scott Speed sat on the pole for his first ever NNS race and what happens? The Shrub takes him out a few laps in. Let's hope the Cup race on later today is filled with as much carnage because after all, we only watch to see the big wrecks. Update - Shrub redeems with the win in Cup. What's up with all the mechanicals?
24 FEB 09 - Fontana? What a yawner but it always is. Little Shrub did okay in the strange and funky new truck series and in NNS but couldn't seal the deal on Sunday. About that truck thing? WTF were they thinking about the new pit stop rules where you can get fuel and tires at the same time. That's retarded. Anyhoo, it's off to Las Vegas and probably another dull race? We'll see.
15 FEB 09 - Daytona 500 Time! We've got a thread going over on the forum if you'd like to comment. It is here. UPDATE - Matt Kenseth wins a rain shortened 500! Our man AJ finished an incredible third! Too bad we got cheated out of the last 30 laps to the finish but we did get to see Junior cause a crash. Wait, maybe it was Vickers? DOH!

08 Feb. Woot! Racin' Season is here!
 One week to go before the Daytona 500. Yeah, NASCAR is mostly poo but hey man, it's the Day-Freakin-Tona 500! We'll be chatting up speed week on the forums so come give us your two nickles (inflation).

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