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23 Jun 09
- Don't forget, Assen runs on Saturday. Due to our unexpected situation, we won't have our usual coverage but check the forums where there will hopefully be more.

Weekend Wrap
WHAT A LAST LAP! Probably the best in years? How many times did Rossi and Lorenzo swap positions? 40? It was an epic battle and now we can't wait for Assen. If you couldn't watch the race live, make sure to watch it when it is broadcast on SPEED. You won't regret it.

13 Jun
Lorenzo is shaping up to be the guy to beat this season with another start from pole followed by Rossi and Stoner. Let's hope for a dogfight on Sunday. Hit the boards for details and comments and get your votes in our predictions contest.

09 Jun 09
Back our boys go to Spain for another round but more specifically to the Catalonian territories. Will Valentino bounce back? Will Casey shine? Will Jorge and Dani show us how it's done? Hell if we know, that's why we watch. Formula 1 calls it Barcelona, we call it Catalunya. Potatoh, potato.

Weekend Wrap Mugello - Was it worth getting up at 3:00am today to watch live on Damn skippy! What an exciting 250 GP followed by an even more exciting MotoGP. Stoner pulls out his first victory, Rossi podiums not totally disappointing his Italian fans although his winning streak at Mugello has ended. Kudos to Lorenzo for coming in second after tossing his bike into the gravel on the sighting lap heading to the grid. We were cheering for the old man Capirossi and he put on quite a show until the closing laps. Marco Melandri put in another amazing ride in the wet but fell back fast after switching bikes. Strategy played a big part and gave Toseland a few moments of glory. All in all, a very good race at Mugello proving again why it is one of the favorites on the calendar.

Post Qual Update
Great session! Rossi off the front row at Mugello for the first time in his career. Will he make it 8? Lorenzo and Stoner are going to be damn hard to beat and if Valentino doesn't get with the program, his record will remain at 7 in a row. Capirex came out of nowhere on the Suzuki and Edwards is looking like he may have a good run? Still time to enter your predictions in our contest so git on over there and do it!

29 May 09
We are underway with the action from Mugello, one of the best races of the season. Early indicators are Rossi, Lorenzo, Stoner and probably Pedrosa are going to be at the front of the field. No big surprise but will Valentino be able to take his 8th straight Mugello win? It is going to be tough. Little Dani PeePee broke the top speed record in practice with an incredible 217 MPH. We'll have all the results, comments and crap you need on the forums so hit the link above to check it out.

Weekend Wrap - What an interesting race and very exciting first stint. Bad luck boy of the day certainly goes to Valentino for crashing, getting a penalty and finishing out of the points moving Lorenzo to the top of the championship. More amazing was the finish by Marco Melandri on the Hayatesaki. Certainly shows he's not lacking in skill and this must be such a huge confidence boost after his depressing last year at Ducati. We've got way more stuff on the boards so swing on over and check it out. Mugello in two weeks is going to be one damn good event! We'll have updated MotoGP Predictions Contest results up later this afternoon.

16 May
Pedrosa steals the pole in the last few seconds of qually but it looks like the race could be a real dog fight if it stays dry? We're crossing our fingers and toes for a ding dong battle. 250's look to be shaping up for a fight as well so hang on to your hats for tomorrow. Boards are pretty active this week so be sure to swing on over.

15 May 09
- Thing are underway in France including a spot of rain that hints at the possible chance of a wet race or some other cocked up folly? Whatever it is, we still love it. Come join the fun over on the forums and get your votes in this week's prediction contest!

10 May 09
It's another Euro race weekend coming up with some weirdass hours and middle of the night stuff going to catch all the action live. We've already got a head start and our official MotoGP French Grand Prix thread is up!

Weekend Wrap - Not exactly the race we were hoping for but a valiant ride by Rossi for the win and lead in the championship. We've got the whole scoop on the forums in the link above. See everyone in two weeks when it's off to France and Le Mans.

2 May 09
Battle of the Spaniards! Oh man, this could be really good or it could end up in the kitty litter? Get your predictions in before race time at the ass crack of dawn tomorrow!

29 Apr 09
JEREZ! This should be the best race of the year so far and since he seems to be back, our guess is that Pedrosa and Lorenzo will have a cat fight. But wait! Rossi hasn't won in 2009 and you can bet he'll be out with guns blazing. Schedules and stuff are up on the forums at the link above so come check it out.

Weekend Wrap - Were there some epic battles and passes in the Motegi Motogp race or what? And where the hell did Pedrosa come from? With Jerez coming up in just a week, it should be one of the best races of the year if we're going to have 5 guys fighting at the front like at Motegi. We'll get the prediction contest opened back up for the next event and start the ball rolling all over again, as soon as we catch our breath after this full weekend of racing. There is still a lot of stuff in our Motegi thread on the board so go check over there for more.

25 Apr 09
We don't care what it takes but they damn well better not cancel tonight's race from Motegi. We will blow up if that happens. Pick for Pole votes in our contest have been thrown out since they didn't really qualify but voting for the top 5 and fastest lap is still open until race time.

24 Apr 09
FP2 for the MotoGP boys is just wrapping up and conditions are poor. Qualifying and your last chance to grab some points in our contest for your pick for pole prediction is up in few hours. This wet weather throws everything up in the air. I need a beer or 10 to calm down. The lead up is exciting, let's hope the race is.

Off we go to the land of the rising son for this week's round of MotoGP from Japan. Let's hope for sunny skies! We've got our race weekend thread up and running and have just announced the 2nd place prize in our predictions contest. Hit the links above to go check it out!

19 Apr 09
Just a few more days until things get underway @ Motegi. Stay tuned for more and a complete schedule for the weekend.

13 Apr 09 - Well, they managed to get the race in on Monday but there were few surprises and little action at the front. Some excitement further down in the pack but all in all, a pretty sedate race. Less than two weeks to go and the show will be back in Japan @ Motegi so join us here for the news and other tidbits of wisdom. We want to congratulate our Doober, Gary, who scored a perfect 12 points in the first round of our MotoGP predictions contest

Rain is pouring in Qatar. Current race status unknown.
pdated info on the boards.

11 Apr 09
MotoGP qually is over and the 250's are currently under a red flag for rain. Hayden takes a hard fall and Simoncelli has decided not to race. All the action and more details is on the forums. Check the links above.


Vote up until race time.

10 Apr 09
- Things are underway and Stoner tops the first session, much as expected. Tough luck for Nicky with a bike problem that had him down in 13th. We'll be online for Saturday qualifying and the race on Sunday. Come join us and vote in our contest!

6 Apr 09
Here we go! Our official threads are up and voting is open. We have the full live broadcast times up on the boards and times for the show on SPEED. Your links are above in our nifty new little graphic.

1 Apr 09
It's getting closer! Our hi-res subscription at is paid, we're having a contest and the fridge is stocked with beer and donuts. MotoGP fans Rule!

WE'RE HAVING A CONTEST! - Oh boy, are we ever excited about the upcoming 2009 season? You bet we are and we're takin' some of our beer and donut money and having a predictions contest. Entries have to be in before the first practice in Qatar so go check it out - click the banner above that says click me. It's not hard (plus it's free )!

03 Mar 09
Stoner tops Qatar testing and Nicky picks up the pace. Looks like Pedrosa is reinjured and going under the knife. Just a few more weeks to go before the season opener on April under the lights in the desert. Stay tuned to the 'Ville for the latest news and plan on stopping by the forums when things get rolling. We can't wait!

ell, here we go... It seems that we've lost Kawasaki from the grid this year but we ultimately may not know how that plays out when the season gets really going. With the wrap of the recent testing at Sepang with the still healing Stoner on top, it looks like the racing will be good this year. Anybody else a little surprised that Nicky is running 10th place times in pre-season? Oh hey! We're going to move last year to the archive page very soon so if we do, don't be surprised.
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