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e're not really sure yet what we're doing? The withdrawals haven't completely set in yet. Stay tuned. Check the boards. Something will come up.

26 Oct.
t's really over. Valencia was the most boring race of the season but nobody seemed to care. Hell, Nicky testing the Ducati the first time on Monday has more interest than today's race did. Maybe it's just sour grapes or whatever that the season is over but in a week or two when the reality sets in that there is no racing until next year, that's when the depression will set in. Thinking about it, six beers and some donuts sounds good about now.

We'll have a season wrap up thread on the board soon and lay out some of our plans for next season. Thanks to all the MotoGP fans that have visited good ol' DooberVille this year and please don't be a stranger.

25 Oct.
ith a weird qualifying session seeing qualifiers used in the middle of the run due to some pending sprinkles, Stoner is on pole followed by Pedrosa and Hayden. Rossi is way down in 10 so expect to see a good race tomorrow.

24 Oct.
We're starting to cry already because the end of the season is here. Nicky looked hot in wet Friday practice so let's send our homeboy off to Ducati with hopes for a strong podium finish. Our official weekend thread is on the boards in the MotoGP section. Where else would it be?

16 Oct. Don't forget, Doobers, that the Malaysian GP is on in the middle of the freakin' night and for this neck 'o the woods, is on Thurs, Fri and Sat instead of the usual Fri, Sat and Sun. We've got out official thread up and here is a link to it! Come visit.

11 Oct. Hell, we've been so busy we didn't even put up any post-race comments. I think it's panic that there are only TWO races left in the season. Uh Oh! Here comes the deep depression. Stay tuned because we'll have our official Sepang thread up on the boards soon.

2 Oct. Hey Doobers! Don't forget that this week's GP from Australia is on a day earlier than we are used to, just like Motegi was. We've got our weekend race thread up over in the DooberVille neighborhood so come on down and give us a visit.

Valentino Rossi - 2008 MotoGP Champ

t's true what they say, Rossi is a god! With a commanding performance in Motegi, Vale further cements his place in history as the GOAT. With only 3 races remaining, we only have to wait a week for the Phillip Island race. We'll have all the news and action here and on the boards so come on down.

25 Sept.
MOTEGI! Woopie! While Rossi can clinch the title, will Loris Capirossi continue his winning ways in Japan? Doubtful but come on over to the forums and give us a shout in our official thread. Heads Up! Times for this race are all screwy and the action takes place Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, west coast time. Schedule is up on the boards.

Weekend Final. W
hat a fabulous event from Indy today in spite of all the problems. Too bad about the 250's but we all smiled at Nicky Hayden looking like his old self and giving us Yanks something to be proud of. This event next year should be even better and hopefully have something better than the horrible coverage on NBC today. It can be said officially that Rossi is the GOAT and his performance in Indianapolis left little doubt. Awesome show even though the rain peed on the last laps. Wind, downpours, humidity and whatnot will not keep us from planning to attend next year.

12 Sept.
oto(boat)GP is underway in Indy! Friday practice times are on the forums as well as the full race schedule. It is a damn shame it is so wet as we want to see some hot, heavy and dry action (painful?). Seriously, Ant West, Mr. Ihavenoride, kicked some ass in the puddles. Maybe we'll get some dry weather racing but the forecast is calling for rain all weekend. Too bad. Oh! Almost forgot, here's our official Indy thread. Another bummer is that the Indy mile dirt track event that the Euros were going to sample for the first time can't be run in the mud. That sucks.

Sept 2.
as Rossi gotten inside Stoner's head? Guess we'll have to wait another week until the big MotoGP from Indianapolis. Stay tuned for news and doin's surrounding the Indy GP and as always, get your headline news here in Dooberville.
31 Aug. Post Race: Casey Stoner beats himself for the 2nd race in a row by crashing out while leading. Rossi takes a very popular win in front of the home crowd and a 75 point lead in the championship. Elias scores another podium and Lorenzo looks to have his form and confidence back. Unfortunately, American Nicky Hayden had to sit this one out but hopes to back to full strength at Indy in two weeks.

30 Aug.
toner takes his 7th pole in a row and seems to be unbeatable? Can Rossi pull it out. Will Lorenzo factor in? This should be a good race with cooperative weather so it's anybody's guess at this point. Out on a limb, but we'd say the GP is Stoner's unless he has trouble again?

29 Aug.
ith qualifying only half a night's sleep away, we just can't wait for Saturday's qualifying. Stoner topped both Friday sessions but Rossi is right there. Please come check out our Misano thread on the formus now so you don't miss anything!

26 Aug.
appy happy joy joy! The boys are back in town this week. Rossi's town, to be exact - Misano. Wait. Maybe it's Ducati's town? At any rate, we expect nothing less than a knockdown, dragout bloodfest between the champions in Italy. Stay tuned for DooberVille's official discussion thread that should be up on Wednesday. For the lazy ones, we'll post a link here but for those of you brave enough to explore with a mouse, hop over to the boards and look for yourself! Oh yeah, almost forgot...What a bunch of farking idiots they have over at SPEEDtv. MotoGP won't be broadcast until 11:00pm Eastern time! Do you believe it? Glad as hell we spent the money for a MotoGP subscription so we can watch live, even if it is on at 5:00am local time.

Midweek Blitz! Melandri to Kawasaki, Hayden to Ducati and Spies to Gresini Honda are just a few of the stories floating around today. Hop over to the forums and catch the latest poop.

17 Aug. Brno Wrapup.
ell, things didn't go too well for Stoner today and we were deprived of the the chance to see another great battle with Rossi. There were a few surprises on the podium but clearly, the Michelin tires are sucking ass and something needs to be done. It's two weeks before Misano then it's off to Indy. Hurry up already!


11 Aug.
he bad boys of MotoGP are back in action this weekend at Brno - FINALLY! It seems like forever. There's lots of news and rumors and we've started our race weekend thread a few days early. Czech it out on the forums right here.

8-8-08. Still on vacation but Brno grows close. Stay tuned for updates

26 July.
ummer break! The boys are taking some time off before Brno but news is out that China is off the schedule next year and the new track in Hungary will be included. With most of the whining settled down after Laguna, we're still waiting to hear if Melandri is keeping the Duc or moving on. Stay tuned for the latest headlines and if you have any news or comments about anything to do with MotoGP, slide on over to the forums and let us know.

Valentino Rossi wins with one of the hardest battles of the year and against all odds. In one of the most exciting races of the season, we now head into the summer race and don't have another event for whole month. If that was one of the most spectacular things you've ever seen, hop on over to the boards and share your feelings. We were blown away!

Qual Notes:
TONA! There's not much else to say. With a blistering lap in the 1:20's, the rest of the grid is put to shame. The Michelin teams will struggle horribly tomorrow but Nicky frikkin' Hayden manages to put his Repsol Honda on the front row. Go USA! Our Laguna thread is up to four pages so get on over and check it out on the forumz.

ractice today was revealing and it looks like another Stoner show for the weekend. Click the link in the below paragraph ↓ for the full story on today's sessions.

17 July.
We'll have a wrap up of Friday practice up late Friday night so come on back for the latest news from Laguna Seca. In the mean time or the nice time or whatever, why not enjoy the official thread over on the forums. It's just a click away!

13 July. What a surprise to wake up at 5:00am and see the Sachsenring under water. At the start, Mr. I Can't Ride in the Rain set a blistering pace with a 7 second gap before tossing it and handing the win to Casey Stoner followed up by Valentino Rossi who now moves back in the points battle lead. Chris Vermeulen again showed he is  a rain master by putting the Suzuki on the podium in the wet once again. Now it's off to Laguna Seca to see if anybody can reign in Casey's Ducati. We'll have a lot of coverage for this event so keep your eye on the boards for the latest.

Mid-Week Notes: I
s everybody set for this weekend's round from Germany? We are and have the official thread and podium poll up on the boards now. Here's a link! You are personally invited to hop on over and share your thoughts.

4 July. With another week to go before the Sausagering, confirmation that Hopkins will miss Laguna Seca and that Melandri will not hop on the Kawi has come out. Keep an eye on the forums for the latest.
Exciting or boring? With Rossi tossing it on the first lap and Stoner running away, Assen wasn't the best example of tight racing for the lead. It was heartbreak for Nicky Hayden though as reports are he ran out of fuel due to an electronics problem. With a week off, next race heads to the Sachsenring before making the trip to Laguna. We'll be watchin'!

Assen Updates:  The grid is set for Saturdays TT and it looks to be a cracker at the front if Casey doesn't get away. Tough break for poor John Hopkins and he'll probably be out for Laguna too? Come hit the official, or as official as Doobers can be, thread over on the forums. Then there's the whole Capirossi/Spies thing going on too. Damn what a weekend!

Stoner was flat untouchable all weekend, wet or dry. Rossi's second keeps him in the points lead but we're heading into Assen in just a few days. Remember, the race is on Saturday, not Sunday. We'll have the official discussion thread up soon and will post a linko here. So...Nicky was looking pretty good running solidly in 4th until a warning light came on and he freaked out for a few laps. It looks like he likes the pneumo so let's hope he continues to progress in Holland. Spies survived the weekend at Donington and let's hope Capirossi's hand still keeps him off the bike at Assen!

Stoner on pole after a wet qual session. Results are in the Donington post linked below.

The official discussion thread for the British Grand Prix at Donington is up on the boards so just click here to go there now!

15 June.
One more week to go before Donington but the big news leading up to the event is that Ben Spies will be subbing for the injured Capirossi in the UK as well as at Assen. Good Luck Mr. Spies! We'll have the official Donington thread up on the board soon and will post up a link here when we do. In the mean time, check out our threads on the latest silly season rumors. Click the forums button above, which really doesn't need to be said because we know that the DooberVille readers are smarter than the average web page!
A classic battle between Rossi and Stoner but the man/boy of the day was Dani Pedrosa who ran away with the show giving the Spanish fans what they came for. Valentino still leads in points and coming from 9th to 2nd minimized the damage by Pedrosa's win. Check the boards for full results. No racing next weekend but the following week at Donington Park should be a cracker. Up next is a two day test where hopefully Honda will unleash the pneumatic motor, but Pedroboy seems to be doing fine without it.

7 June.
Another edge of the seat qualifying session finds Stoner, Pedrosa and Nicky F'ing Hayden on the front row for tomorrow's Catalunyan GP. Rossi starts from a dismal 9th place and has his work cut out for him if he expects to keep his streak alive. If Pedrobot and Stoner don't get away and Valentino gets his problems sorted, watching Rossi come through the pack should be something to see. Let's hope for a good dry race because it looks like it will be a battle at the front for sure and let's also hope it isn't just a two rider show.

6 June
. Looks like Lorenzo is out for the weekend so the battle of the Spaniards isn't going to happen. There have been a ton of crashes in Friday practice so let's hope they've gotten it all out of the way? Rossi looks to be on usual form but Pedrosa may cause some fits for the former curly haired boy. Loris Capirossi looks to be in rare form on the 'Zook and is a former winner and Stoner can't be counted out. We'll be up at 4:55am local time to catch qualifying and probably yackin' in the forums in the official race thread.

Valentino is the man. Don't care who your favorite rider is, ya gotta give Rossi props. From showing up with his outrageous helmet design to winning Mugello for the 7th time running away, the weekend was his from the beginning. We're into the part of the season where the races are bunched together and we only have to wait until the weenend to see the next round from Barcelona, Spain. Stay tuned for a link to the official discussion thread on the board but until then, hop on over and catch up on the chatter from the last event.
1 June. With a new MotoGP video package in hand, we got to see the race live from Mugello and the massive crowd of Rossi fans that were not disappointed. Casey Stoner looks to be back on pace but we will see for sure next week in Barcelona. Lorenzo wasn't a factor this week after crashing out but De Angelis showed well. Our man Hayden had a dismal race but Edwards finished a respectable 5th place followed by teammate Toseland. Hopkins DNF'd out with a spill as did De Puniet and Melandri and Lorenzo. Valentino now has a strong lead in the points after winning three in a row. Can anybody catch him? Come on over to the boards and tell us what you think!
26 May.
 Another whole week to go before before we head off to Mugello. Rossi hasn't been beat there on a MotoGP bike but can somebody else break his streak. How about Lorenzo, maybe? Come on over to the forums, vote in the poll and toss in your comments about Mugello. The "official" thread is here. Be forewarned, SPEEDtv isn't showing the MotoGP until 10:00pm EST. We'll give them a break since the afternoon programming is filled up with SBK and the AMA from Miller.

18 May. How about that Jorge Lorenzo? How about that Valentino Rossi? Man, what a great race from Le Mans. With two weeks to go before Mugello, can Rossi maintain his streak? Will Dani re-find his mojo? Can anybody beat the Yamaha's? Come chat it up on the boards. We'll see you there!
It's time for another round this weekend from Le Mans and Valentino Rossi is currently leading the winner's poll over on the boards! Let's get your vote. There's a direct link in the next paragraph or you can click the button above and come over for a browse. That doesn't sound dirty, does it?

10-11 May
. With only one more week, to go, we're gearing up already for the next race at Le Mans. Picking a winner is a lot tougher this year and it makes for an exciting topic of conversation. Speaking of that, we just happen to have one of those conversations (and a poll) going on over in the DooberVille neighborhood right now. Imagine that! Click HERE to go have a look. It won't hurt a bit!

5 May What a great race from China! The first few laps were really intense but in the end, it was mostly the usual suspects. Congrats to Valentino on his first win of the season! In four races there have been four different winners on three different bikes. Not a shabby start to the season at all. Come check out the board for all the China Chatter!

2-4 MAY.Yippee Wahoo! Race weekend from Shanghai, China is almost upon us. First sessions are in the books and the event is underway. Join us on the forums to get the latest dirt and to vote in the poll for the winnah! Stories popping up now that this may be a wet race so be sure to catch all the action. Registered Doobers can check the events calendar for broadcast times and stations.
20 APR. With another two weeks to go before Shanghai, we're jonesin' for some good bike on bike action. AMA satisfied some of our needs but with the same ol' (Suzuki) story. Lucky for us the Superstock class gave us a crackin' good race between Bostrum and Herrin. Next week, it's SBK from Assen and we expect a good show. Did you know that the DooberVille forums have sections for AMA and SBK in addition to our beloved MotoGP? Check it out for yourself!

APR 13. Congrats to Lorenzo for his first win in MotoGP! Not the most earth shattering exciting finish but the first few laps were crackers! Bummer for Dovi & Nicky but both were looking good when they went down. Stoner's gotta be scratching his head wondering why he isn't at the front but good (and lucky) finish in the decent points.

Another three week break until the next race in China. It's been an exciting season so far with everything still wide open for the championship. Hurry up Shanghai!

. I can speak Portuguese! Here watch: ESTORIL! The boys are back in action this weekend on a track that Stoner calls "strange". Did you know that the first two Portuguese GP's were actually held in Spain? (Jarama & Jerez). We've got a thread going already over in the forums so come on over and give us your thoughts!

Hey! - Couldn't stand it anymore so changed out the Superbike News feed out of the UK since it it was butt ass slow most of the time and this page was a doggy Doober, not to be confused with the Doober Doggie, a pic of which happens to be taking up space on the Whatever? page.

An off weekend for the boys of MotoGP but the SBK gang is doin' it at Valencia. We're swapping out feeds on the forum to keep spoilers out of the threads unless they are marked. We do have a Valencia qually & race thread started over in the 'Hood here . UPDATE: SBK news feed has been added here to the whatever? page

What an interesting race today. Good showing by Nicky but teammate Pedrobot checked out on the field early leaving Rossi & Lorenzo battling for second. Great last corner pass by Capirossi on the Suzuki to take 5th and decent result for Hopkins.
Read the race thread over on the forums. Shoot on over by clicking HERE
Also have a video posted of the amazing elbow dragging save by Colin Edwards. You can view it HERE!
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