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POSTSEASON - Be sure to keep an eye on LittleAlguy's Silly Season and rumor thread over on the boards here.

26 Oct. Holy disappointment, Batman!
Without warning, didn't have a live feed of the race like they had done for practice and qualifying. Got so bummed about the whole thing, we turned our damned computers off and watched tv. From what we've read, ESPN's coverage sucked ass anyway. Oh well, just one more stupid motorsports episodes to alienate the fans. Way to go

24 Oct.
ey! It's Surfer's Paradise this weekend. Come join us on the forum for the last race until next season. You can catch up on our official weekend thread right here!

10 Oct.
eyond the usual silly season rumors and Helio getting popped big time by the IRS, not much to report. We did catch Petit Le Mans and thought it was a superb event.

12 Sept. Now What?

9 Sept - Weekend Wrap.
h geebers! The finale from Chicagoland was one of the most fantastic races we've seen in a while and we don't even like ovals that much. Lap after lap of three and two wide racing and the closest finish in history but Castroneves could do nothing to keep Scott Dixon and TCG from taking the crown. If you missed the finale, you should give yourself a swift kick in the arse because it was one that will be remembered for years.

7 Sept.
ith Helio starting from the back row after having his qualifying times thrown out and Dixon starting up front, you would think it's over and they may as well hand Dixon the title before the race. Well, anything could happen so this event this afternoon is one to not miss.

Sept 2.
hmygolly! The end of the Indycar season is only a few days a way. Should we cry? Should we party like it's 1999. We've got our official thread up for the finale at Chicagoland and a poll who will win the championship. Come on over and give us a shout. Here's your link. Have you heard the latest silly season stuff. Franchitti back to Indycars? Cool!

31 Aug. The good news is that it isn't over yet. The other news is that we'll call the race at Belle Isle controversial, at best, if not downright conspiratorial? Your thoughts? Hit the link to our race thread below.

30 Aug.
Dixon and Castroneves on the front row. What could be better? Take time to join us tomorrow and find out.

29 Aug.
e're ready! We've got all the action and times for Indycars up on the forums in our official thread. Lots of action in the ALMS and Grand-Am too. SPEEDtv is streaming Rolex qually live. Check it out!

26 Aug.
etroit Belle Isle. With the next to last race of the season this weekend, and on a road course, can Helio cut into Dixon's points lead and challenge for the title? We can't wait to find out. Official thread should be up on Wednesday so come give us your thoughts and hopes for the end of this great new Indycar series.
It will be a combined event with the ALMS and if their race is anything like last week at Mosport, it should be a battle.

Weekend Final. In spite of their problems the Penske boys managed to kick ass at Infineon. Helio finally breaks his streak of not winning and he was a happy man even though his fence was only 3' high. With only two races left including another road/street course next weekend from Detroit, we're sucking up all the Indycar we can get. In other news, ALMS was a darn nutty event the last few laps and the Rolex boys put on a fairly decent show.

24 Aug.
enske's transporter fire didn't seem to hurt them too much as they are starting from the top spots in just a few hours. After a less than exciting F1 race today, we're hoping for a cracker from Infineon. Come join us on the forum for live posting during the race. See ya then!

20 Aug.
ust a few more days to go and the Indy boys will be at Infineon. With only three races left in the season and two on road/street circuits, we're doin' our best to suck it up while we still can. The official DooberVille discussion thread for qually and the race is right here. Come on ova!

We are also looking at Grand-Am and ALMS this weekend too so holy schnikes!

11 Aug. Was Kentucky a good race or what? Dixon wins yet another and ties the record for most wins in a season with three left to go. Poor Castroneves! We were grunting in our chair to give Helio the mojo to get to the end ahead of Dixon and wouldn't he have been the hero if he had won it on strategy. (Note: it's ok to win on strategy since the Princess did it). So, next week it's back to the road course at Infineon and it can't come soon enough.

ndycars at Kentucky this weekend and Mr. Dixon is once again on the pole for Saturday's race. Come on over and join us on the board during the race for live posting and oh so expert commentary from our Doobers. Here's a link to the official Indycar thread.

03 Aug. No racing news this weekend but our forum Indycar expert, LittleAlguy, has been named Doober of the Month. Come post your congratulations here.

Weekend Wrap:
ow! What a great race  from Canada, eh? How 'bout that Paul Tracy finishing 4th? This was an excellent event and compared the the NASCAR race that ran on Sunday, was the best in the history of motorsports. Indycars were great but the race that took place in Indianapolis today sucked big green ones. So, congrats to the machine, Mr. Dixon on another win and a solid shot at the title. We've got a weekend off but we'll be back with all the action from the next round.

26 July.
ff to Edmonton! Briscoe and Helio are on the pole for today's race but TK is starting from the back. Much to our pleasure, this race marks the debut/return of Paul Tracy to the grid but he is starting far back so we are looking forward to some exciting action! Come join us during the race for live posting in our official race thread which is right here.

Sunday 20 July. Penski finishes 1 & 2 with Ryan Briscoe taking the flag first followed by Castroneves. It was a screwy race with the field starting on wets then quickly coming in for slicks but it was a great race. Hop on over to the forum to catch up on the live chat and if you've got anything to add, let's hear it!

Happy Helio
n the pole for Sunday's race and it looks like it's gonna be a barn burner. Make sure to geet yous feets over to da board at racetime mañana!

Friday nite:
e're still running a bit behind the 8-ball on our Indycar stuff. Since we have the official thread started here, come on over and help us fill in the blanks.

17 July.
k, the Doob is slackin' It's Thursday and we won't have the Ofishy thread up for Mid-Ohio until tomorrow. This should be some good stuff. Sports Cars too and after last week's Limerock round, we may just go crazy trying to watch everything at once. We'll have you a link Friday so you can come and share your expert knowledge with the troops.

13 July. Rain shortened Nashville had some good moments and a damn lucky strategy call by Ganassi ruled the night. There was actually some good green flag racing and crazy passes and if the race could have stayed green another dozen laps, The Chipster's call to stay out would have put Dixon and Wheldon at the back. Such is racing. Next weekend it's off to Mid-Ohio and oh boy, we're looking forward to that one for sure.
Watkins Glen? What can we say? It was a good clean race up until the last bit when all hell broke loose. What a bunch of noobs! Good on RHR for taking an All American win on July 4th weekend. We're getting set for another Saturday night party on the board for this week's round at Nashville so plan to come and join us. We'll post up a link to the official thread soon. Don't forget, there's an ALMS event from Lime Rock this weekend too.

4 July. Oh Boy! After a string of too many ovals, we finally head back to the road at Watkins Glen. We're really looking forward to this event as are the Doobers on the forum. The Official discussion thread is right here and be sure to come and join us live on Sunday during the race. We had a record number of fans online during last week's dismal Richmond so come on down!

Was that Indycars or NASCAR? What an incredible yellow flagged crashfest. Not so impressive, eh? Congrats to TK for the win. Thank goodness they're heading to a road course next week. My head is spinning from too many ovals!

June 27. Friday qualifying has been completed for Saturday night's race from Richmond. We're having a little git together on the boards during the race so come and join us. A hot link to our Indycar Richmond thread is right here for your convenience. AGR front row with best pals Marco and Tony leading the way. This should be fun!

n spite of how lousy the racing was supposed to be in Iowa, it was pretty darned good. Since we can, we'll go ahead and bitch some more the stupid ass programming decision to put this event up against Formula 1. Oh hey, has Dan Wheldon always had such nuclear white teeth? Damn blinding!

Let's get the party started! The official discussion thread for the Iowa Corn 250 has been posted on the forums so come on over and toss in you thoughts. It's easy if you just
click here!

15 June.
Hmmm? Does the fact that Iowa is currently underwater give anybody else the feeling that maybe having a big fun race weekend when so many in the area are messed up is kind of inappropriate? Not that we'd want to see the race cancelled but I can't imagine the local buzz is very high?

We did manage to catch a few hours of Le Mans but with the split coverage and start/finish times a bit early for the left coast time zone, unfortunately we didn't see as much as we would have liked.

What a race from Texas, eh? The 30 laps of yellow in the beginning sucked as did the finish under yellow but everything in between was fabulous! Marco and his high line had us holding our breath and the side by side racing was scary and titillating at the same time. Congrats to Dixon who is on quite the roll but we must say for as bad as AGR looked in practice and qual, they managed to bring it together for the race (except for the Princess). So, did Marco squeeze RHR or did he just get too low? At any rate, tough luck for the both of them. And what about that Ryan Briscoe, eh? We've got a week's break before the next race and we're anxiously awaiting to see more great open wheel action like we saw in Texas!

6 June. Qualifying is in the book for Saturday night's race from Texas. Official discussion thread is here along with qually results and comments. Congrats to Scott Dixon for another pole. Good on Dan Wheldon's team for getting his backup car out for a run after it visited the wall too. This race looks like it is going to be pretty darn good but just a head's up, it will be shown on ESPN2 with a 30 minute tape delay, for some dumbass reason?

We're also looking to catch up with the Grand-Am folks and the Six Hours of the Glen event. That's usually a good one to follow and let's hope there's not quite so much busted up equipment this outing!

Well, we didn't get to see the new kids do anything fantastic unless you consider turning your car into a launch ramp for another driver (Marco). Ryan Briscoe is "redeemed" according to the press for having had the audacity to klonk The Princess at Indy. Actually, it was a pretty darned good race there from Milwaukee but it's a shame it had to end under the yellow. Dixon was on the hunt and may have had him if it stayed green? All in all, good to see Penske in the winner's circle.

We don't have to wait long to see the Indycars back in action with a little night racing action from Texas on Saturday night. Another groovy event coming up this weekend is the Rolex series and their Six Hours at the Glen event. It's getting damn hot here in the deserts of the great southwest and there's nothing better than watching racing on TV. Well, except maybe motorbike riding but it's heading into our summer off season. Wah!

With Marco Andretti and Graham Rahal on the front row, this week's Indycar race from Milwaukee will take off with the young guns at the front. On the short one mile oval from Milwaukee, this races promises to be action filled. Come on over to the forums and watch with us live on ABC at 4:00 Eastern, 1:00 Pacific.

Well, it all came together for one of the best Indy 500's in a decade. Congrats to Scott Dixon but how about that Orial Servia, eh? Tough luck for Danica, Sarah and Milka but Duno did manage to get her car back out there and was the only woman to finish. Our hearts went out to Fisher and we hope she can get the financing to keep at it. This race bodes well for the future of Indycar and the Doob is glad it turned out to be such a good race! Woo Hoo! Only another week before the next race in Milwaukee! Congratulations are also in order for forum Doober, LittleAlguy for being the first guy to hit 100 posts on the board. Thanks Man!

DAMN RAIN! Carb day was a washout but the weather looks good for the weekend. Come join us on Sunday while you watch the 500 and vote in our poll over on the forums.
18 May
. With some actual excitement for bump day, we're ready for the big day and it can't come soon enough! We've got the tv schedule up for the big Indy 500 race weekend and the "official" thread for discussion of everything Indy is up in the forums. Please pay us a visit over there and add your knowledge to the board. We'll be chatting live during the race and it would be pretty spiffy if you came over and joined in.

Anybody happen to catch Rolex at Laguna and ALMS at Miller? There was some fine racing there, Lou, and we really dig it when the P2 cars beat the prototypes. Go Penske Porsche!

Well, the rain has come to pee on everyone's parade. Bump day is upon us this weekend and let's hope the weather stays dry and the driver's safe. Registered Doobers can use the calendar to check the broadcast times or you can visit our friends over at

The starting grid is set for the top 11 cars with Ganassi leading the way with Dixon & Wheldon. Team Penske follow with Briscoe and Helio. Danica leads the AGR drivers with a middle of row two starting spot! Day two will be underway shortly so stay tuned. Come visit the forums for the latest discussion.

10-11 May. Pole day is at hand and the weather is looking iffy. After washouts on Wednesday and Thursday, track time has been short and the activity this weekend will be intense, as long as it stays dry. Come join our experts in the DooberVille "Offishul" Indy: Month of May discussion thread. Click ME to go check it out! Who is going to be on the Pole?

5 MAY. So, a little more progress on the Indycar and sportscar page today so please stay tuned for further developments while we get this one up and going. With the Indy 500 less than a month away and ALMS coming up from Miller Motorsports Park in just a few, check out our forums for all the latest Indy & sportscar dirt. Registered Doobers can check the event calendar for upcoming events or visit Race Fan TV for mega listings There's a button up there on the right that will take you straight on over to the forums so check it out, quit farting around it out and join the Community of DooberHood! It's free, it's fun and even if you can't be bothered to register, you can still read most everything anyway. We're easy - this is DooberVille!
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