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2008  Season Archives

15 Jun 09
Man, we're ready for some road racing but we're not quite there yet so we'll take the Iowa Corn Indy 250 with no complaints. We'll have more on the forums, like always so please check it out.
Indycar Iowa Corn Indy 250 thread

14 June
This pretty much says it all:

13 June
Le Mans is underway and one Audi is in the barriers already. It's going to be a long 24 hours. Hit the forums to keep on top of all the action.

09 June 09
- So, wasn't Texas fun? Well, most of it anyway but enough of that. This weekend, SPEEDtv is giving us 18 hours of coverage on the tube and the rest of it, they are streaming live online. Can't complain about that, eh? So, we don't know if anybody will have much to say, but we have a thread started on the board and you can find it here:

24 Hours of Lemans thread

Indycars at Texas thread

03 Jun 09
Ok, who is ready for a little under the lights this Saturday night from Texas Motor Speedway for the Bombardier Learjet 550. We are of course and be sure to join us Friday night for qualifying too. At mid-week, we're just getting the ball rolling over on the boards but come on over anyway! Also coming up on Saturday is the Grand-Am Rolex series and the Sahlen's 6 Hours at the Glen. That's a good one and we have a special multipurpose thread going for it too on the boards here.

Weekend wrap - Congrats to Scott Dixon for the win today in Milwaukee. Lot of green flag racing today but not much drama. Hat's off to Tony Kanaan for showing up hurt and having his day end poorly with what looked like an electrical fire? Paul Tracy sure didn't do much to impress today and we don't get the idea he's all the interested in being in a crapwagon at Texas next week? We'll see, eh.

31 May 09
With no qualifying coverage on Versus, Milwaukee has kind of fallen off the radar. Indy burnout maybe? At any rate, we'll be watching the race today on crappy ABC. Hit to forums to talk about it and check back later for more.

26 May 09
Congrats to Helio for winning the Indy 500! Race could have been a bit more exciting but the last stint was riveting, eh? Milwaukee is this week on ABC with no coverage at all on VS. What's up with that crap? We're just getting rolling but we have a thread in progress here:
   Indycar @ Milwaukee

24 May - Two hours to go before the show starts! Be sure to join us on the forums for live action.

19 May
The grid is set and the 500 just a few days away. Don't miss any of the action

16 May
What? MORE qualifying? Man, they really do need to shorten up the month of May. Our attention span isn't that long. Last gang goes for a spot today and the bump day is tomorrow. More info on who still needs to get in over on the fabulous forums! Linky below.

Castroneves on Pole for the 500!
what a terrific job by the sentimental favorite. Too bad PT didn't make the top 11 but it looks like a fine field so far. Great coverage by Versus today too. Kudos.

8 May 09
Fast Friday Happy Hour will be wrapping up shortly and we have seen our first looks and who is fast and who isn't. Time has been short this week keeping with up with things but we finally have a a thread up on the forum. Here's a friendly link:   Indy 500 & the month of May

Indianapolis 500.
May already? We're a day behind getting setup on the boards but if you'd still like to come and say howdy, please do. Check back Wednesday evening and we'll have more info on what DooberVille is doing for the Indy 500

Weekend Wrap
Scott Dixon! Somehow, that's not a big surprise on the first oval of the year at Kansas. Let's just hope he doesn't win everything! See our comments on the homepage about the rain, luckily it worked and we got to see the full race distance. Up next is Indy and the month of May. Look for our expanded coverage starting soon.

25 Apr 09
Catch the qualifying show today on Versus and read more on our forums at the link below. Don't forget that Grand-Am from VIR is running right now.

With only a few days break, our Indycars head to the first oval of the season and the Road Runner Turbo Indy 300. We've got our official thread on the forum up for Kansas. Here's your LINK.

Update! - Great win by Franchitti! Long Beach was a terrific race. Clever strategy and a bit of luck helped AGR put two cars in the top 5. Just one more week to go before we get our first oval at Kansas! Stay tuned to DooberVille for more!

19 Apr 09
Catching ALMS at the moment and standing by for Indycars in just a few hours. W00t!

13 Apr 09
LONG BEACH! Hang on as Indycar moves to Long Beach on the 19th. We will have our official qual/race thread up on the board and the even schedule posted by Tuesday night. Don't miss it!

5 Apr 09 - Was that Indycar race from St. Petersburg today really really great or what? Great job by Versus too on their initial broadcast and even though Indycar's new Race Control looks cool and has potential, it didn't quite live up to the looks with useable performance. No matter - we saw a terrific race. Probably the most exciting of the weekend and we can't wait for the next round coming up in two weeks. Keep it in the 'Ville for all your news and check out our forums to share your voice.

4 Apr
Screwed by a flakey Internet connection, we couldn't catch qualifying live today but will watching the show on VS. ALMS is on now while we're playing catch up and we're getting our first shots from St. Pete and know what camera angles and stuff we'll probably to get to see on VS. Back later with more so y'all come back then too, ya hear?

3 April 09
It seems like forever but the first race of the year is here for Indycars and some of us are pickled tink. We get to see the show on Versus for the first time so let's hope they kick things off right. We've got times and schedules on the forums and all your news right here, pal.

Our Indycar thread on the forum

1 Apr 09
Indy and ALMS from St. Pete is getting closer by the hour and we are set to go. We even added Versus to our cable line up just to get Indycar. Clueless what else VS shows but for a few bucks a month, Indy is good enough. Hit the forum, readers, for more info and the latest chat.

29 Mar 09
Indycar starts this coming weekend! We're ready and rarin' to go so come check out our official forum thread for qualifying and race discussions. It's gonna be good so don't miss it. Wha? you want a link to the forum discussion? Okay, HERE ya go!

5/25 Update - Indycar fixed it! Way to go!

24 Mar 09
ARRrgghh! Indycar's new website went from beta to live today and their RSS feed is borked. Hope they fix it soon - St. Pete is coming up fast. Check out their new web 2.0 site HERE.

22 Mar 09
Yesterday's race broke all kind of records but wasn't particularly exciting. A bit of drama in the last half hour with McNish in the lead but the Peugeot's couldn't catch him. We focus next on Indycar's season opener. Stay tuned for our official race thread on the forum.

- The new Acura kicked Audi and Peugeot's ass in qualifying. This should be some good LMP1 action, fer shur. 

18 Mar 09
Ya Hoo! We've got our official 12hrs of Sebring thread up on the board. Your ALMS guys, come on over and share your smarts. Here is a direct LINK.

12 Mar 09
It seems the ALMS has decided to discontinue their RSS news feed just in time for Sebring? Bastoids! Until we can find something betterer, we'll go with SPUUDtv's feed.

07 Mar 09
On the forums, our resident Indycar expert, LittleAlguy has been named Doober of the Year! Click on the forums button to read more. Sign up! It's free and you can a Doober Too!

24 Feb 09
Still some time to go before we get some Indycar action but our resident expert, LittleAlguy, has kept up with all the latest in the silly season. Check out who's driving for who this year by checking out our preseason thread on the forums. This will take you there.

JAN 25.
ongrats to David Donohue for winning a fantastic Rolex 24 and for kicking Ganassi's ass! Schweet!

JAN 24 & 25 - Daytona 24 Hour
Racing begins in 2009 with good old Grand-Am doing the 24 hour boogie at Daytona. Schedule is up on the forum.