16 Nov. Well, that's really it! With NASCAR wrapped up, we are officially into the off season. Congrats to all the NASCAR champions. 

11 NOV. Hahaha! The Doob takes a few days off and the damn place goes to hell. Just as soon as Jimmy J. wraps up the Cup championship, we'll do up our off season plan. Until then, check out the boards and our new Off Season, Off Topic section to keep yourself amused. Either that or consume mass quantities of beer and donuts and call us in the morning. 


With what has to be one of the best finishes of all time, Massa wins the race but Hamilton takes the title in the last corner with a little help from the god of rain. We are stunned silent.

29 Oct. Two season finales fill the bill this weekend and except for the last gasp of NASCAR, there won't be much reason to go on living when it's all over. We've got our usual event spoiler threads up on the board and invite y'all to swing on over and check it out. While the SBK championship has been decided and Bayliss gets to take his trophy home and leave the game for good, Formula 1 is wide open with either Massa or Hamilton ready to pick up the title. There's a ton of local bike stuff this weekend that sounds fun but nothing can keep us from the show. We'll be there! Check back here for all your latest motorsports headlines!

26 Oct. Boy, were we ever pissed off last night. After seeing practice and qualifying on indycar.com and expecting to tune in at race time, we were greeted with a link to ESPN360 which we can't get. BOO HISS! Got up to catch the last MotoGP race of the season but halfway through wondered if I was still sleeping? It was a snoozefest.  

24 Oct. Well, it's the last race of the season for MotoGP and we're ready to cry but there's Indycars at Surfer's Paradise to help ease our pain.

16 Oct. Hey! We've got great MotoGP and Formula 1 action this weekend but it's all from the pretty far east, dangit! Looks like we'll be up some crazy hours to try to watch the races and qualifying live. Usually we say come over to the boards and join us for live posting but I suspect we'll be watching from the bedroom with toothpicks propping out eyelids open. Fear not, though because we'll have our weekend race threads up as usual.

11 Oct. With only one big event this weekend, Formula 1 from Fuji, The Doob slacked off this past week keeping up with what's going on. Join us tonight for the race.

2 Oct. Just a quick alert for motogp.com subscribers. The Australian Grand Prix from Phillip Island is Thurs, Fri and Sat. Check the forum for all the live and TV broadcast info. 

Also, we have had a big problem with spammers posting crap and pr0n on the forum and we are doing our best to keep them off. Please accept a beer and donut as our apology if you have happened to come across anything offensive.

28 Sept. Hope everyone got a chance to watch Formula 1 from Singapore this morning. It was spectacular as well was MotoGP live from Motegi. We've chatted up both on the forums so swing on by and see what our Doobers had to say.

And on a sad note, we lost one of our heroes. Paul Newman. Godspeed, Paul and thank you for all you have brought into our lives. It is a sad day indeed.

25 Sept. What the hell? Well, the Doob has taken a few days off since the good racing is pretty much absent this weekend except for some SBK on SPEED, Sunday. We're starting to wonder what we're going to do in the off season? At any rate, we've got threads up on the board for Formula 1 from Singapore, MotoGP from Motegi and the swansong finale AMA Superbike from Laguna Seca. Check the series page for the links.

Weekend Wrap. What a great day for GP race fans! First with Vettel winning in a rain soaked Monza then Valentino winning in a rain shortened MotoGP from Indy. How 'bout that Hayden kid, eh? We've got all your news right here and all our comments over there (the boards)

13 Sept. Formula 1 qualifying was a rain soaked and very interesting event which should make for a very curious race tomorrow. Details are on the board. With Indy qualifying for MotoGP several hours away, The Doob will be on the job getting you the scoop.  

12 Sept. Rain Rain Go Away! It poured cats and doobers in Italy AND Indianapolis today. Don't care so much about the weather for Formula 1 because that makes it more funner but not for my MotoGP boys. Official threads for the weekend's racing are up on the boards so get your asses over there and check 'em out!

10 Sept. Breaking News! The MIC has announced their own superbike series. Read the announcement at Superbikeplanet and come give us your thoughts on the forums.

8 Sept. Wrap-up. OUTRAGE! That's what we feel about Lewis Hamilton's penalty at Spa. We'll cover this more in depth on the forums but it's BS, dammit! Fortunately, Indycar held an amazing and fantastic race at Chicagoland for their season finale in what had to be one of the most exciting races of the year. Begrudgingly, we congratulate Scott Dixon and Target Chip Ganassi racing for the title.

7 Sept. If you missed Formula 1 from Spa, you missed an amazing race and the most exciting closing laps of the year, maybe. We're waiting for this afternoon's Indycar finale from Chicagoland so come on over the forums and join us.

Sept 2. Whoa! Kind of lost Labor Day somewhere? Too much beer and donuts maybe? Nah! We are looking forward to the Indycar season finale at Chicagoland almost as much as we are Formula 1 from Spa-Francorchamps. The real excitement is building though for the following weekend when the good ol USA hosts MotoGP at Indianapolis. We've got our weekend race threads up on the forum so either hop on over and see for yourself or check your series page here for a link.

Aug 31. While we're not quite ready to wrap up the weekend just yet, it's been an eventful day. Want to talk conspiracy theories? How about that Indycar race from Detroit? Plenty of fodder there for the Internet experts, eh? Check back tonight when we close it out.

30 Aug. MotoGP qualifying has Stoner and Rossi on the front row and in Indycars, it's Dixon and Castroneves. We're looking forward to some fine racing on Sunday. In other news, our local team, the Dobson Mustangs got creamed 41 to 7 by their rivals, Corona Del Sol. Ouch! Better luck next time, boys.

29 Aug. It's Friday get excited time! MotoGP, Indycar and Rolex qualifying tomorrow and racin' on Sunday. We'll be up at 5:00am to catch the action from Misano and glued to the web for all the action. Big rumors still floating around what the hell is going on in AMA Superbike so check the board for the details. Also, we've got threads for Misano and Belle Isle up and running so hop on over!

28 Aug.  FORUMS ARE BACK UP! Sorry for the hiccup. We will get caught up with our weekend race threads as soon as we can or as soon as we have a few donuts.

26 Aug. Weekend Sneak Peak. At the top of our most anticipated list comes MotoGP from Misano, Italy, Indycars from Belle Isle and AMA racing from Road America. We will have all the headlines here and all the gossip and chatter on the boards so plan to come and join us. Since we do whatever the hell we want, we're going to knock SPEEDtv upside the noggin for showing MotoGP at 11:00pm Eastern time. What's up with that? Dumbasses! Check back often for more insightful observations, the latest headlines and exciting fan discussions on the forum. In other words, stay tuned, Doobers!

Weekend Wrap. Congrats go out to Helio Castroneves for finally bringing home the win at Infineon. It's about damn time!Anybody catch the last few laps of the ALMS race? It was nuts. We've just got to make it through the week and it will be back to our much loved motorcycle stuff. W00t! See ya then, Doobers. 

24 Aug. With Formula 1 and Bristol out of the way, we're setting up for some sports car and Indycar racing for the rest of the day. Check for forum for the latest chatter and check back here for the latest headlines.

20 Aug - Midweek. Holy cow! The rumor mill is cranking and the MotoGP and AMA Superbike silly season is in full swing. Check out the boards for the latest. We are excited little Doobers because Formula 1 and Indycar are back in action this weekend along with a crapload of sports car stuff. We'll be online live for F1 and Indy qualifying and races so come and hang out.

17 Aug. So, we start off this fine Sunday morning with a little live MotoGP action from Brno and see a possible break in the championship? We have the rest of the action from VIR for the AMA gang today so check back later for the latest news or head over to the forums for updates and commentary.

11 Aug. We are holding our breath and waiting for this coming weekend's MotoGP from Brno. Make sure to check our MotoGP page for the latest headlines and link to our discussion thread.

How'd y'all like that Indycar race on Saturday, eh? Quite the race if you ask me even if you didn't. We were also lucky to catch Grand-Am and the ALMS race from Road America and we disgustedly must admit to watching NASCAR from Watkins Glen, more or less.

We've made a few changes on the board to make it easier to find what you might be looking for and a less intimidating number of forums to post in. Schwing on by and have a look. 

8-8-08. Just had to type that! Here's a quick Friday evening shot for a weekend that doesn't have any GP's: We've got Indycars on Saturday along with NNS from Watkins Glen where it would be cool to see them in the rain again and ALMS and a Cup race. We'll be around on the board during the Indycar event some come on over and hang.

Sunday Update: With the Hungarian GP over and done and a few surprising turn of events, we'll wait for the bike racing to begin. Oh yeah...in spite of us boycotting the NASCAR Cup boys at Pocono today, we did catch the historical NNS race from Montreal on Saturday where they didn't pussy out and and actually raced in the rain. They should do this from now on. Before we forget, we've got a new Doober of the month on the forum and kudos and thanks go out to LittleAlguy!

1 Aug. As we slide our way into another fine weekend, we're waiting for the show(s) to get on the road. Formula 1 returns this live on SPEEDtv from Hungary and we'll be up with the birds to catch the action. We've also got AMA from Mid-Ohio and WSBK from Brands Hatch but SPEED isn't showing the two World events until Tuesday. Bummer.

Weekend Wrapup: With a pretty light racing schedule this weekend containing only two premier events, we have taken the opportunity to slack off a little. Heck The Doob dragged an 11-year old to see Batman of all things. Getting back to business, the Indycar race from Edmonton was fantastic but the NASCRAP race from the Brickyard was probably one of the worst we've seen in 25 years of watching. Ugh!

26 July. Light schedule of the good stuff this weekend or at least the stuff we like best. Our highlight is Indycar from Edmonton and there's a full plate of NASCAR. Weather forecast for Doober Valley calls for thunderstorms so no motorcycling this weekend. Maybe we'll take Doober Junior to see Batman?

20 July. Today was one of the most exciting days of racing of the entire year. Formula 1 was an incredible display of driving and strategy, MotoGP was beyond heart-pounding and the Indycar race from Mid-Ohio was a classic. There isn't much to say except Wow! Check out the headlines here at DooberVille and read the fan comments over on the forums.

Saturday Notes: Qually is  wrap for F1, MotoGP and Indycar and boy howdy, are we in for some good racing tomorrow! It bites big green ones that ALMS, Indycar and Formula 1 all manage to overlap broadcasts BUT AT LEAST IT CLEARS UP THE AFTERNOON FOR MOTOGP!

Friday night notes: Practice day for both MotoGP and Formula 1 is in the books. Times and comments are on the forums. Hang out in the Ville for Saturday's qualifying! 

Thursday Warmup - Holy crap there's too many races on Sunday. MotoGP, Formula 1, Indycar and World Superbike. We're going to have to cram a few more TV's and computers into DooberVille HQ and grow an extra set of eyes and ears. We'll be doing a Friday evening update after bikes and cars have seen the tarmac for the first day. Check back Saturday morning for our oh so expert comments and get your ass over to the boards so we can get yours! 

13 July. MotoGP, Indycar and even NASCAR filled the bill this weekend and it was some good schtuff! A little wet in places but nonetheless, enjoyable. As it stands, the Dixons, the Stoners and the Shrubs are on a roll, without a doubt. Eyes now turn to next weekend where our MotoGP boys battle it out on US soil at Laguna Seca, Formula 1 is off to Germany and the Indycars hit one of our favorites at Mid-Ohio. Hurry up week and be done. We need more racing!

Mid Week Update - Boy, how time flies! After a good weekend of racing including Formula 1, some Indycars and even a little NASCAR, we're heading into this next weekend with MotoGP from Germany and some more Indycars from Nashville. Indycars are running on Saturday night so come on over to the forums and join the par-tay!

4 July. Happy 4th to all! Without a bike race in sight this weekend, we'll be following F1 from Silverstone, Indycars from Watkins Glen and even the Firecracker 400! Go check out the forums for the latest posts and info and join us live for F1 qualifying and the Glen.

Catch the Indycars from Richmond? What a joke! We did have a record number of Doobers online for the race but that was the coolest thing. What a crashfest! In MotoGP, Stoner runs and hides and Rossi falls. We'll have some weekend wrap ups after everything wraps up so check back tomorrow for the latest.

Friday quickshot - MotoGP qual is over with tough news for the American fans. Hit the bigass button above that says MotoGP for the headlines and link to the thread over on the board. We'll be back later this afternoon with more updates. Don't forget Indycar qualifying is tonight!

The great racing this last weekend was marred by the tragic death of Scott Kalitta. Our condolences to the families and teams involved and the entire NHRA community.

GP qualifying of both the two and four wheel variety is history and the grids set for Sunday's racing.  We've got results up on the boards and be sure to check the news pages for the latest headlines

Approaching mid week and we have threads on the forum started for MotoGP, F1 and Indycars so come check it out. Bring some beer and donuts and we'll have a good ol' DooberVille par-tay!

Dale Jr. Wins! Woo Hoo!

15 June. Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's. It's kind of a slow weekend for racing (hahaha, slow racing) with no F1, no Indycar and no MotoGP. We do get some World SBK and some roundy-round but none of the Doober's big three. We did scope out a few hours of Le Mans and caught some NASCAR action but will take it easy until next weekend.

What an upset in F1! Congrats to Sauber BMW and Robert Kubica and Quick Nick for their amazing podiums. Hamilton makes the bonehead move of the weekend for sure! It's been a good one but the Doob is looking forward to getting back to the daily grind and sleeping until the sun is up! Check back often and if we don't see you before next weekend, have a good one!

With the Indycar and MotoGP races out of the way, we'll look to Montreal for the next bit of excitement as well as catch day two of the AMA from Road America. Check back later for updates but while you're waiting, have some donuts and coffee. It's a DooberVille Sunday - no need to worry!

6 June. We kicked the afternoon off by missing F1 practice but did catch qualifying for Indycars. Dixon on the pole for Saturday night's race from Texas, which should be a good one! All the Doob's favorites come together this weekend with MotoGP, Formula 1, AMA, Indycars and Grand-Am not to mention the Cup kids at Pocono (typically not the most exciting of events). The news will be coming fast and furious so be sure to check back to good ol' DooberVille for the latest. There's new threads a plenty for all the action this weekend over on the board so stop in for a visit!

What a fine weekend of racing. Didn't do a darn thing all day Sunday except try to watch everything starting with the MotoGP from Italy at 4:30am where Rossi proved once again, he's as popular as the Pope with the Italians. There was an exciting Indycar race from Wisconsin, a state the AMA boys will be visiting next week when they trek to Road America. Speaking of those AMA boys, we caught the whole gang along with the SBK troops from Miller up in Utah. Some interesting turn of events there in both camps.

The coming weekend brings us the Canadian GP and another exciting round of MotoGP from Barcelona along with the Rolex series and their Sahlen's Six Hours at the Glen. Oh yeah! More Indycar action from Texas too! We'll be here and waiting for y'all to come over to the forums and join us!

1 June. Early Sunday morning with a full day of racing ahead, the Doob was up at 4:30 to catch the MotoGP event live from Italy. We have a break in the action until things start picking up again with SPEEDtv's broadcasts of the action from Utah, ABC's Indycars from Milwaukee (which should be a good one) and the roundy-round boys at Dover. Check back later for the latest updates and happy race day to all the fans!

It's Friday and time to go racing! On tap this weekend is a crapload of Superbike racing from Utah, MotoGP from Italy, Indy from Milwaukee and some NASCRAP from Dover. The Doob will be back this evening with a full update but in the mean time, hop on over to the boards for the latest news and timing. Yippie!

A moment of silence and reflection this Memorial Day to those that have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

What a great weekend of motorsports action! The wet /dry conditions at Monaco made for one heck of a nailbiter and the beautiful Indiana weather made for one pretty spectacular Indy 500. Throw in the Coke 600 and we were glued to the tube most of the dang day. Next weekend, we can't wait for events from Utah!

Well, it's time to get this party started! We'll be on the boards live for F1 Qualifying and on Race Day and of course we will be here in full force for the Indy 500. Please come on over to the forums and give us a shout.

18 May. Did ya catch the bump day action from Indy? Not too shabby, I must say! How about that crackin' MotoGP from France? Grand-Am or Rolex or AMA Superbikes? The All-Star race from Charlotte? If you didn't catch some of this over the weekend, what the hell are you doin' here, eh?

For the DooberVille crew, the coming weekend has two of the biggest racing events in the world. Of course, we're talkin' about the Formula One Monaco Gran Prix and that little ol' race they run in Indiana, the Indianapolis 500. Oh yeah, the Cokd 600 too! Come over to the forums and toss in your dos centavos today! 

The weekend draws near and we're looking forward to some good two-wheel action from the boys of MotoGP and the AMA. It's a wild sportscar weekend as well with Grand Am at Laguna Seca and ALMS at Miller Motorsports Park in Utah. We updated the AMA&SBK page tonight with some info that affects the news feed and if you give a crap about that stuff, click the button!

The forums are picking up some and we've had some great pics, stories, comments and videos put up this week. If you haven't visited yet, please be our guest. We'll give you an ice cream cone for your trouble!

11 May. Happy Mother's day to all you mother's out there! F1 is in the books with Massa taking his 3rd straight win in Turkey and Kyle Busch continues his quest to be the next Jeff Gordon. The top grid has been set for the Indy 500 and SBK from Monza race one is over and done with a surprise first time winner. All the latest is over in the forums. Join us there now, you'll be glad you did!

10-11 MAY. It's Friday night in the 'Ville and we're laying off the Dos Equis tonight and hitting the hay early (as soon as BSG is over!) to get up at 4:00 in the o' dark thirty to catch F1 Qualifying on SPEEDtv. Then we're off on the motorbike for a few hours. If  you've go nothing better to do, join us on the forums in the official Turkey discussion thread for some chatter. You can hope right over if you click HERE!

We're also happy to congratulate Hoofhearted for winning Doober of the Month and being dubbed "The Most Interesting Man in the World". Come give him a pat on the back in this thread over in the 'Hood.

5 May. And so it was! A crackin' good MotoGP from Shanghai, a heartbreak NASCAR race from Richmond and the Force family making news in NHRA. With a light schedule this weekend, we got in some bike riding but the biggest news (and why the ol' DooberVille website is a little stale) is that our discussion forums have gone through a major software upgrade and now offer a whole buttload of new features and options. If you haven't been over for a visit, just click that bigass button up top on the right and it'll take you right there. You can't see the good stuff unless you register, but it's free, safe and we'd love to hear what you have to say or tell us where to go!

2-4 MAY. Holy Schnikes! Here it is Friday already and we haven't been here to update things in forever! There is an excuse and it's a good one! The DooberVille Discussion Forums have been upgraded to the latest software version and it was/is one heap load of work! Come one over for a visit and if you are a registered Doober, make sure to check out all the new features.

It's kind of a slow weekend for motorsports but around these here parts, the most anticipated event of the weekend is the MotoGP race from Shanghai China. W00t! Who's it going to be this round? Come vote in the poll going on here

 26-27 APR. Doobity Doobity Doobity! It's time to go racin', boys and girls! Join us on the forums for live posting during Formula 1 qualifying on Saturday and the race on Sunday. It's a lot of fun!

The Doob will be online for all the broadcast action for AMA and World Superbike on Sunday and we also have forums and threads going for both disciplines. Registered Doobers on the forum can check the events calendar for race times and channel.

DooberVille Website Redesigned!
24 APR. We've been busy here in the 'Ville working on improving the site, adding content and making it easier to find what you wanna see.

Bigass weekend of racing coming up! Formula 1, Indycar, AMA and World Superbike! Woo Hoo! Check the site often for the latest headlines then get your butt signed up on the forums so we can get your opinion on what's happening in the motosports world. 26-27 APR  Join us on the forums for live posting during Formula 1 qualifying on Saturday and the race on Sunday. Indycar too! It's a lot of fun!

What a huge weekend for motorsports!. The final Champ Car race ever and Danica's first win plus a lot of crashing south of the border. ALMS, Grand-Am and AMA Superbike action saw the Doob glood to the toob! Well, not all the time as the trusty DooberVille two-wheeler saw a few hundred miles of pavement on a glorious Arizona Saturday.

For next weekend, we're already getting excited about F1 from Spain and you know what else? Indycar from Kansas. Rahal winning, Patrick winning. There might be something to this new unified series after all. What update would be complete without a plug for the forums. Get signed up now!

18 APR.
Motegi postponed and showing Saturday night on ESPN Classic, which doesn't come in here in DooberVille, dammit!

The Doob is off for a half day of motorbiking on Saturday then off to the big city in the afternoon to take care 'o some bizness. Probably going to miss the action from Mexico but will make up for it on Sunday with Champ Cars from Long Beach and the AMA boys at Barber. Registered users can see the full calendar and broadcast times over on the forums. Catch y'all tomorrow. Happy Doobering!

APR 15.
Looking toward the weekend, the big boys of F1, MotoGP and Sprint Cup won't be in action but there's plenty other good stuff to keep The Doob hoppin'. There's AMA Superbike from Barber, Grand-Am and Busch/Nationwide from Mexico plus ALMS and CHAMP CAR from Long Beach. This will be the DP-01's last hurrah and we're sad to see them go. Come reminisce and share your fond memories of Champ Car over in the forum.
APR 13.
MotoGP round 3 from Estoril is in the books with a new first time winner. First few laps were pretty exciting but mostly a snoozer. Pedrosa and Lorenzo are tied at the top of the championship with a three week layoff until the next race in China.

Cup race from Phoenix, that we wanted to attend but couldn't finally saw Hendrick win a race with JJ's lucky magic fuel cell. Listening to Chad telling tell his driver he had a 20 second lead at the end was priceless. Junior looked strong enough to win with 50 laps left but couldn't seal the deal. Looking forward to Talledega to see what he can do there.

Still some SX to watch and maybe some drag racing after Windtunnel today so check back and see if we have anything else to blabber about. Checking out the X-Games now for some wild bike action. Cool Stuff!

APR 11. Yippieee! Off we go to the weekend. Big event here in the 'Ville this round is MotoGP from Estoril. Spoiler news feeds have been pulled off the forum until next week but we do have a discussion thread (with spoilers) happening on the boards now, here.

We've got local NASCAR action happening with Nationwide tonight (Fri.) and Cup Saturday night. Despite good plans, the Doob has been one sick dog this whole week and will be unable to attend live as we wanted so we'll just have to wait until the fall event. Wah!

We've just added a new feed from the AMA on the Whatever? page and as always, keep checking back for the latest in breaking motorsports and alternative news headlines. You'll be glad you did!

APR 6.
Great action for race fans this weekend!  Massa redeems in F1 and a former Champ Car Driver wins at St. Pete. SBK last lap was reminiscent of the 250's last week in Jerez but we won't get to see race 2 until Tuesday. All that's left today is the end of the Cup race and broadcast of last night's SX from Texas. Nicky Hayden is scheduled to be Dave's guest tonight on Windtunnel and we'll be watching.

R 5. Another great weekend of racing is at hand. It started out at o'dark thirty here in the 'Ville (4:00am) with live F1 qualifying from Bahrain and a big shocker - no McLaren or Ferrari on pole! Next up, Indycar qualifying from St. Petersburg and a great showing from the Champ Car boys. Caught ALMS from St. Pete too and watching the good ol' Nationwide boys go round right now.

It's up again at four tomorrow for Bahrain, then Indycar, then Cup. Busy Busy! Visit the NASCAR page here to see Michael McDowell's big crash yesterday, one he was lucky to walk away from. As always, join The Doob and crew over in the forums and let us know what you think.

. Whew! 20 hours to rebuild the website and there's still more work to be done. Hard to realize that F1 practice is on at 4:00am, just six hours from now. The Doob didn't go to bed until 5:30AM this morning, so I'll wait until practice is over before I turn in.

With things being this crazy, there's been little time to keep up with everything. F1 is on this weekend, ALMS and Indycar on Saturday and somewhere in there, I've got to watch a NASCAR race and actually perform some real work to pay the rent. The Doob hasn't even kept up with "other" forums at the top of my most favorite list. Aliens could have landed at the Whitehouse and I wouldn't know about it. Sheesh!

APR 2. Okay, in the last 24 hours, after the big blow-up yesterday, The Doob has completely rebuilt the website from scratch using a different (but still stinkin' Mickysoft) web design program that hopefully will be more comp-atible with Firefox and for computers running 1024x768 screen resolution If it doesn't work, I'm gonna puke.

TUE 1. We made an important discovery: THIS SITE SUCKS IN FIREFOX AND AT 1024x768 (or less). The Doob knows you fanboys out there probably will never come back. Sorry, have a nice day. Probably the same story for you MAC doods. Damn! Don't mean to be pissy but I thought Firefox was this super great browser? Hey! It looks great in Internet Explorer so get with it! If you're still in the dark ages and running at 1024 x 768 screen resolution, now you have an excuse to go buy that new monitor. Seriously, or as serious as The Doob can be, we'll work on scaling things down a bit, but it's gonna get cramped. See that "Under Construction" sign over there? Well you might if you're using IE? We aren't kidding!   We're all a bunch of Noober Doobers around this joint and we're just a little shocked to see pages that render so beautifully in IE look like ASS in Firefox. Normal programming will now resume.

SUN 30. What a great weekend for racing fans! MotoGP, Indycar, NASCAR and a Grand-Am race the bozo's over at SPEED decided to tape delay and run against the open wheel event. GRrrr! Check the news here and catch the discussions on the forums. We've got a link up for a two hour documentary that tries to tie the whole NWO/Illuminati connection together posted in the forums and you can go straight there by clicking HERE. For the Alt crowd, also there's an open discussion about the History Channel's UFO Hunters show (here). Just for fun, we're running a fake UFO Photoshop contest in AlternaVille too!



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