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15 June
The same excitement just isn't there when the events aren't broadcast live and this week we have to suffer through another afternoon show on FOX. We'll still get practice and qualifying live on SPEEDtv so git on over to the boards and talk some Formula 1. There's plenty to talk about too with the FIA/FOTA debacle and usual BS F1 politics. The big question is can Jensen Button win on in front of the home crowd. May be as crazy as Rossi wining at Mugello.

03 Jun 09 - TURKEY! And it isn't even Thanksgiving! Before we ramble any further, let's all have a sonofabitch cheer because FOX is showing the race tape delayed on Sunday. Damn, we hate this but SPEEDtv will still be showing practice and qualifying live as normal. Let's swear one more time, the live stuff is on at a lovely four freakin' AM in the morning in these here parts. It's all good though and like usual, we'll be glued to the monitors and typing on the forums during the show
Weekend Wrap - Button wins again! Ruebens takes his 4th Monaco second place. Ferrari's finish 3 - 4. Does this mean the red cars are back? We aren't going to go out of our way to think so as Monaco is certainly not the best place to determine if the Ferrari's are "back". There's two weeks to go until Turkey and the unfortunate run of 4 GP's on FOX. At least we should have the three amigos on board but not getting the race live sucks ass. Be sure to visit us here in good ol' DooberVille often for the latest Formula 1 news headlines

19 May 09
Historic Monte Carlo, home of the umpteenth Formula 1 Grand Prix of Monaco. Don't forget race fans, practice is on Thursday and not Friday so don't miss it. TV schedules are up on the forums so swing on over and check it out.

10 May 09 - Unless his season completely falls apart, Button and Brawn GP look like they are on their way to a few championship titles. So whaddya think about Barrichello's "strategy". After his years at Ferrari in Michael's shadow, it was kind of tough to watch but in the interviews, old Ruebens said he should have won. Button raised an eyebrow at that. We've got a week off and then we'll be back at Monaco. Can't wait for that one. In the mean time, keep it here in the 'Ville for the latest news.

9 May 09
The grid is set for Spain and somebody pushed the Button! Results of qualifying and weights for the race are up on the board. Can't wait to get up at 4:30 for the pre-race show. Hell, maybe we'll get up at 3:00am for GP2? At any rate, join us live on the forums during tomorrow's Spanish Grand Prix.

8 May 09
Here we go F1 fans! Friday practice is history but it is still hard to tell what is what. Returning to Europe with a bunch of new bits to test out, times are all over the place again but Ferrari still struggling. Hit the link above to read the stuff on the forums and join us live for qualifying and the race. We'll be here. So should you!

Cinco de Mayo
- Here we go again so let's all cheer for Spain. Barcelona, Cataluña or whatever you want to call it is coming up this weekend again on SPEEDtv. Join us on the boards for more news, comments and whatever. Keep it here for the latest news

29 Apr 09
Big news today that McLaren is pretty much off the hook for fibbing to the stewards in Australia. One way or another, the FIA got what they wanted - Ron Dennis out of F1.

Weekend Wrap - Yeah Baby! A dry race! While it wasn't the most action packed race evar we came away with a better idea of who has what as the season progresses. Hamilton's Spanish Inquisition is next week and let's hope that drama gets cleared out of the way so we so we can focus on the important stuff. Two weeks until Barcelona. Keep here in DooberVille for the latest headlines.

25 Apr 09
Whoa! All Toyota front row! We are loving the mixed up world of F1 these days. Join us in the morning live for the race. Times, weights and everything you want to know over on our forums.

24 Apr 09
The sun is coming up earlier these days but it's still o' dark thirty here in downtown DooberVille when Formula 1 qualifying from Bahrain and the three Amigos get these old bones up and glued to the sort of live feed on SPEEDtv. We've got times and crap and some cool stuff on the forums so go check it out. From the results of the first two sessions, it's hard to tell what's going on or who is showing their hand quite yet? KERS in - KERS out...decisions, decisions. Piquet out? Oh holy Jeebus, there is so much going in the F1 world and it is all so intriguing and interesting. My head might explode! Join us live on the boards for qualifying and the race. See y'all there.

It seems strange to have back to back GP's when we have hardly caught our breath from the last one! We're getting it started with full schedules and ever so wise comments on the forum at the links above. How cool! Can't wait and for once, we only have to get up at 4:00am instead of the middle of the night.

19 Apr 09
OMG! What a race! What a result! The Formula 1 world has been turned on its ear and we just don't know what to think? Wait, yes we do...F1 is insane this year and we couldn't love it more. We've got more on the boards and can hardly contain our excitement that the race in Bahrain is only a week away.

16 Apr
Hamilton tops first practice with the next session set to run in little over an hour. Funny how quickly fortunes change, eh? Catch us Friday and Saturday for some live action posting during qualifying and the race.

Diffulsers Declared Legal !!!

13 Apr 09
Yea! Practice starts Thursday night for those of us in the States for the Chinese Grand Prix! Full schedule is up on the forums and our official thread is HERE. There should be a ruling on the 14th about the legality of the diffusers so keep it in 'Ville for all the hot news headlines.

10 Apr 09 - With just another week to go before China, can you believe all the shiat that is going on? Will McLaren be banned? Thrown out of the WCC again? Fined another bazillion dollars? Will the diffuser teams be thrown out? Oh my! Oh Goodness. F1 is a mess and the high strung drama just a part of the show. We love it!

5 Apr
What an amazing and somewhat historical race! Shortest GP in 18 years and only the 9th time they have ever awarded half points. The whole thing was a cluster but it was a fabulous event. So far, this year is proving to be incredible!

4 Apr
- Button again! F1 is insane! With all the penalties and protests, why don't we just have the drivers draw numbers out of a hat? Uh Oh! Hope Bernie isn't reading or next year we may see a qualifying lottery. Join us live on the forums for the race as long as our Internet connection doesn't let us down like last night. This could be a fabulous race, throw in a possible rain shower and the drama could go to 11. Don't miss it!

3 Apr
Qually is tonight at 2:00am for us us folks out here in the wild west. Barring excessive consumption of the official fuel of DooberVille, we'll be watching live on Speed (or at least as live as it is) and hanging on the board. Come on ova!

Read our F1 thread on the forums!

2 Apr 09
The stewards have spoken and Hambone's results are tossed out of the Australian GP. Holy schnikes! We've got the details and a conversation going over on the forums so check it out for more. Will the F1 drama never end? Hell, there's only been one friggin race for chrissakes!

1 Apr 09
It is gonna be hard to top what we just saw from Australia but we don't have to wait long to find out. Up this weekend is Malaysia and we already have our thread up on the boards. Go here, check it out, sign up and give us the word, bird.

29 Mar 09 - What a great race! The Brawn GP cars finishing 1-2, the close battles on the track, spins, crashes, dumb safety car antics - we love Formula 1! Only one week to go until Malaysia and we already have our official thread up on the forums. Here's a direct LINK.


It's the middle of the night and the first qualifying of the 2009 Formula 1 season wrapped a little bit ago. Any of you F1 fans out there that want to talk about it, need counseling or don't already have a place to put your 2¢ in, come on over to our forums. We need some fresh meat! You can find our weekend race thread HERE.

26 Mar 09
Friday practice is in the books and man, what a topsy turvy order. Preseason chatter about the McLaren's sucking was no lie but then again, the Ferrari's aren't looking so hot either. Since it seems to be the word of the day, we'll say it too: diffuser! Hit the boards for more and come hang for qually Friday night.

24 Mar 09
We are peeing in our pants with anticipation. The timer is running down and F1 action gets underway in two days. From reading all the news, it's gonna be one helluva weekend. Stay tuned, Doobers. Hit the boards for more.

It's Formula 1 Time
Only ONE more week to go before the show starts. With new rules, new tech and a lot of whiny drivers that leave us in schlock and awe, we are ready to take it on at full speed! Our Official Melbourne Thread is up on the forums. Go have a look, sign up for free and join in the party. 2009 is going to be very interesting.

We've got the 2009 schedule posted on the boards here and a cool video explaining the new rules package here. It is looking like it will be an exciting Formula 1 season and we just can't wait until it all gets underway. 

The 2008 season notes have been moved to the archives - The link above will take you there.
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