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2 NOV.
With a finish that will go down in F1 history, the season ends with one of the most exciting races EVAR! We'll follow up with more, as soon as we catch our breath.

29 Oct.
ould this be it? Is it really the last race of 2008? Hard to believe. Drama couldn't be higher at this year's Brazilian Grand Prix with the championships up for grabs and glory. If you haven't yet, please join us over on the DooberVille forums while we chat up qualifying and the race live on Saturday and Sunday. It will be the gang's last party of the year. Please join us in our official Brazil event thread. Sign up for free to post and vote in our poll on who will win the WDC.

24 Oct. Wha? No followup from China? Our bad. Probably because the damn race was on in the middle of the night but at any rate, join us live for next week's Brazilian Grand Prix and watch Lewis Hamilton win the WDC. :-)

16 Oct.
he Chinese GP is at hand. Unfortunately, it is on at some weirdass hour in the middle of the night. Doesn't matter though because we'll be watching anyway. Oh yeah...The FIA Stewards can all go jump off a cliff somewhere. Maybe they could get some prescription glasses on the way. Let's just hope China isn't the clusterfark that Japan was. Oh hey, did you notice we bagged Please kindly welcome the new feed from

11 Oct. Hang on, Doobers! We're all set for tonight's GP from Japan. Our official thread is here. With LuHam on pole and Massa starting from 5th, it shoud be a very interesting race, especially with Kimi starting along side Lewis. With only two events left after Japan, we're already starting to cry.

OH YEAH...Looks like the RSS feed from is gonna have to go as the bastards have included a big ass ad that won't fit in the column. We'll try to find a suitable replacement this weekend. We're going to write to them and complain too!

28 Sept. What an amazing race from Singapore. Looked like it was going to be a parade but turned into serious cluster for the Ferrari's. Contrats to Alonso not only his first podium of the season but for his first win. Hamilton finished in 3 and takes a seven point lead into the next round in Fiji. We are already starting to cry that there are only three rounds left in the season and wondering what to do with ourselves when it is over?

25 Sept.
ith the historic first night race ever from Singapore, we're getting excited for all the weekend action. Get the broadcast schedule and more in our official thread on the forum. Oh yeah, the bastards denied Hamilton's appeal.

Post Race. Holy Moley! We thought qual turned things upside down but Vettel's win today really took the cake. Hamilton managed to head to the first ever night race from Singapore still in the points lead by one over Massa and with only a handful of races left in the year, you can bet we won't miss a minute of the action. Keep it tuned into the 'Ville for all the latest Formula 1 headlines. See you soon!

13 Sept.
alk about an upset? Vettel takes pole in a flooded Monza and Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen fail to make Q3. This should make for a damned strange and interesting race tomorrow that shouldn't be missed for any reason.

12 Sept.
A bit soggy in Italy for Friday practice, eh? You know it's bad when Sutil tops the time sheets. We've got the official Monza weekend thread up on the forum so come on over. Here is your link. We'll be hanging out live for qualifying and the race, like always.

11 Sept. Monza!
e'll have all the scoop on the forums later today!

9 Sept. OUTRAGE!! That's what we feel about the FIA's penalty against Hamilton. Check out the forums if you want to hear us blow our stack.

7 Sept.
pa is a classic circuit and today's race was one hell of an event. With Hamilton taking a victory after an incredible crazy last few laps that saw Kimi park it in the wall, Lewis maintains his championship lead heading into Monza in just a week's time. Keep it here for the news and post race stories and we'll see you next week for the Italian GP.

2 Sept.
a Wa Wa-Hoo! We've got a race this weekend from the legendary Spa-Francorchamps circuit in Belgium. All the times and info are posted on the forum in our official thread.

29 Aug. Another week to wait for Spa but big news is that Raikkonen & Massa have been confirmed for Ferrari next season.

Godspeed, Phil Hill.

24 Aug Wrap.
alencia is a lovely track, unfortunately, the race didn't quite match up to our expectations. It was pretty dull. Congrats to Felipe, LuHam and Kubica for bringing it home and to Raikkonen's kerblammo for giving us some show. How you doin?

20 Aug. We are geared up, waiting and holding our breath for the new race from Valencia. If you're like us and just can't stand it any longer, hop over to the forums and have a peek at this thread.

17 Aug.
ust another week to go before things get back underway at Valencia. We'll have the official thread posted up in a few days so check back for the link. This new track is sure to bring some interesting discussion.

8-8-08. Damn, still two weeks to go before the new event at Valencia. We'll be chatting up the new circuit and spread the latest rumors on the boards soon so check back for the official link.

Sunday Wrap:
eartbreak for Mr. Massa but joy for Kovalainen in his first win. Kimi lucks his way to a podium and Hamilton has a bit of luck too after suffering a puncture and still coming home 5th. Timo Glock makes his first appearance on the podium as well so this event was full of twists and turns, without intending a pun there. We've got a bit of a summer vacation until the action returns with the premiere event from the streets of Valencia. That should be quite the interesting show as nobody knows what to expect. Stay tuned to DooberVille for the latest Formula 1 news and we'll see y'all soon.

1 Aug.
hank goodness the show is back on SPEED for the Hungarian GP. After Friday practice, the McLarens look good and there's a few surprises toward the top of the time sheets. Come join us live on the forum during qualifying and the race or sign up and toss your two cents into the discussion. Our official thread is here. Come check it out!

26 July. One more week to go before the Hungaroring and thank goodness the action is back live on SPEEDtv. We nearly had a nervous breakdown trying to keep up with all the conflicting broadcasts and even though we whine about getting up at the asscrack of dawn to watch the races live, we won't complain again. Stay tuned for the official Hungary thread link.

20 July Wrapup. A fantastic and somewhat brutal drive by Hamilton today to take the win at Hockenheim. Piquet Jr. comes away with a one-stop strategy and a podium from out of nowhere. This was one of the best of the year and thank the gear gods the last one not on SPEED.

Qual day:
amilton continues at the top of the grid for tomorrow's race. Kimi is struggling down in 6th  but Massa is on the front row. This is going to be good but let us take this opportunity to say good riddance to FOXtv and their dumbass delayed broadcast that goes up against Indycars.

Friday Quickie:
uHam topped today's sessions with the weather looking "flexible" for the weekend. We'll be online for qually in the morning so come on over. Bring donuts.

17 July.
Woot Woot! The time has arrived and the boys head to Germany for a little racing. Hey, cool news about Vettle huh? We have a practice/qual/race thread going on over in the neighborhood so here is a link to it! Come on ova!

13 July. Another week to go before Germany but as always in F1, there's some drama going on somewhere. We'll be gearing up for the race on the boards in a few days so check back for a link to the official discussion thread. We'll be doing it live as always and thank goodness this will be the last race broadcast on FOX.

Congrats! To LuHam for a sweet victory at his home Grand Prix. It sure was a spinny weekend for a lot of drivers but in spite of Lewis running away and hiding, it was a very interesting race. We've got a week off before the troops head to Hockenheim but if you've got any good stories, comments or juicy gossip, hop on over to the neighborhood and share it with us.

4 July. What a lot going on this week in merry ol' England! DC's retirement, news that Silverstone is losing the GP to Donington and plenty of damaged cars in Friday practice. Join us live on the forums for qualifying on Saturday and during the delayed broadcast on FOX on Sunday. You can find the Silverstone GP thread right here.

Well, we've got to say that putting the GP on FOX at the same time as the Indycars from Iowa really sucked. It was hard to concentrate on both and it pretty much spoiled the whole damn thing. Congrats to Massa for bringing it home. Let's just hope for no more programming conflicts.

Ferrari front row for tomorrow's race and the start should be very interesting. Grid is posted in the linked post below

Official qualifying & race thread has been posted in the forums. If you click here, it will shoot you right over!

Some numbskull programmer put the race on FOX at the same time as Indycar on ABC - Dumbasses!

15 June. We're just waiting for the next race coming up from Magny-Coors. Yeah, that isn't spelled right but we were just thinking about beer, not that we ever drink the stuff, especially the Colorado Kool-Aid, but we're bored and want some F1 racing. I lied too, good beer is our friend. We'll get up the French GP official thread up in a day or two and will give y'all a link when it's ready.

!!! What a race!

Ok, couldn't resist that one. The Doob sorta likes Hamilton but that's got to be the dumbass move of the entire weekend. Holy Jeebus! It's pretty damn cool to see somebody other than Ferrari or McLaren on the box though so we aren't going to whine about it. Great race!

As we wait for the start of the Canadian GP with some Doober Donuts and fresh ground Starbucks, we wonder if LuHam will show as well as he did in qualifying? With the show on FOX this round, one can only hope the coverage will be good. A few more hours and we'll find out but it is strange already being on so late in the day from what we're used to. Stay tuned for updates and join us on the forums for discussion during the event!

6 June.
With some mixed wet/dry practices today and some interesting action, we're looking forward to qualifying Saturday and not having to be up before the birds to watch. Weather is iffy for the race, as if Montreal didn't need any more help getting the Safety Car on track! Come share your expert opinion and infinite knowledge with our fans over on the forums. There's already a thread going for Canada and if you click here, it will hop you right over!

In some respects, we're looking forward to Montreal because we don't have to get up at the ass crack of dawn to watch live. On the other hand, the regular routine is being thrown out of whack by the race being on FOX instead of SPEED. Good news is that we will still get practice and qually live (or as live as they show it)  on Speed. Official discussion thread will be going up soon on the forums so check back here for the link.

1 June. Another whole week to wait for Montreal and unfortunately, the first broadcast not live on SPEED. The Bernie/Max debacle seems to be heating up and if you follow Mosely's reasoning, it will be the end of F1 as we know it if he leaves under pressure. Who gives a rat's patoot as long as we keep seeing great races. We'll have our official Canadian GP discussion thread info posted up soon so check back for your opportunity to give us your two ¢. Oh! Our congrats go out to Scott Speed for winning his first NASCAR race in the truck series. Cool!
26 May. What a crackin' good race at Monaco with LuHam taking top honors even after having to pit for a flat after smacking a wall. With the changing wet & dry conditions, strategy was the key to this event and the McLaren boys got it right (mostly). Bummer of the day had to be for Adrian Sutil getting knocked out of 4th place by the wildly out of control Raikkonen. We have only another two weeks to go before the next event in Montreal and by golly, we won't even have to get up at 4:00am to watch it! Stay tuned for a link to the official thread on the forums or just come on over and browse through out stuff!
W00t! Time for the Monaco GP has arrived! We will be up early and chatting up the race live on Saturday and Sunday for qually and the race. Weather forecast is for RAIN so it is either going to be a parade or a crashfest. At any rate, please come visit the boards and post with us in real time. Official Monaco thread is HERE

8 May. Don't forget practice for Monaco is on Thursday and not Friday. Full TV sched and ofishul race thread is up on the forums here. Don't forget that RaceFanTV has a complete schedule for everything. Do forget if I say don't forget one more time, it's only CRS disease. Like we do every great Formula One race weekend, we'll be posting live on the boards for qualifying and the race. It would be really cool if you came over and joined us!

s it too soon to start talking about Monaco? We're sure by this weekend, we'll be all over it like a fly on donuts or like white on a refrigerator, where all good women should be according to the TPTB in Formula One! Once we have the preview and qual/race posts up, we'll stick a link here so you can hop right over!
Massa Wins!
Hambone finishes in 2nd with the Kimster right behind. Interesting strategy for LuHam but it worked out. Two weeks to go until Monaco! We can't wait for that one. Happy Mothers's day, you mothers!

10-11 MAY. It isn't even Thanksgiving but I'm hungry for some Turkey, but then again, The Doob is always hungry (for some good racin' that is)! We have an Official thread going on over in the 'Hood. Come check it out and share your expertise on all things Formula One. Oh! That thread on the Turkish GP is right HERE. Registered Doob's can check the event calendar for broadcast times and info or visit our pals at Race Fan TV for the full broadcast schedule of everything. As usual, we will be live posting on the forum for qualifying and the race. Come on ova!

27 APR. Congrats to the Ferrari's and too bad for everyone else! One big scary moment when Heikki Kovalainen crashed but fortunately, he is mostly okay. Alonso done blowed up in front of the hometown crowd and poor Vettle was out in the first lap, again. It's on to Turkey in two weeks and we're starting to count the days already.
Very interesting front rows for tomorrow's race! Kimi, Alonso, Massa and Kubica followed by the McLarens. Boy! That first corner is gonna be a cracker and we can't wait. Join us on Sunday as we follow the action live on the forums!

26-27 APR. Jumpin' Jalopies! The Spainish Gran Prix is upon us! After Friday practice the Renaults are looking strong and the BMW's and McLarens practically nowhere to be seen! Join us on the forums for live posting during qualifying and the race. Give it a go and you might like it! Anyway, here's to a safe weekend and some damn good racing. Woopiee!

We're starting to get excited about the Spanish Gran Prix coming up in just a few days. Very excited, actually! Keeping out eyes on the headlines, we see the Mosely OrgyGate is still in the news. Hop on over to the DooberVille forums and let us know what you think of the whole thing. Join us for a live board chat for Qualifying and the Race, we'd love to hear your voice on everything Formula 1.

APR 6. MASSA Finishes! He manages to win too with the Kimster and Bob Kubica in tow. Hamilton completely blows this one finishing out of the points in 13th. BMW's were looking mighty sporty and the Hobbism of the day was Kazoom! Three weeks until Barcelona and the Doober Crew will be on the job.
APR 5. Qually done and in the books. DC & Vettel don't make it out of Q1. ROBERT KUBICA takes pole in the BMW followed by Massa, Hamilton and Kimi. This should make for a very interesting first corner tomorrow. Wonder if Felipe will finish or not? I hope he picks it up so the rumors that Alonso will take his seat next year get quashed. Come join us in the forums for the race tomorrow. It's going to be a good show!
APR 4. W00t! The weekend's events are upon us. All RSS Feeds for everything Formula 1 will be turned off on the forums until Monday and all threads will have a spoiler tag so you can come on ova' and read the boards without somebody peeing on your parade.

After practice airs at 4:00am local time, The Doob will make projections for this week's hero's and zero's. Have your own? Let us know over in the
DooberVille suburbs.

MON 31. SPEED TV viewing schedule for the Bahrain GP is posted in the forums - here.
So, the "rumor" is getting some legs. Seems Mad Max is now suing for breach of privacy while making no noise that it wasn't really him. If it wasn't, he would sue for libel, right?
Looking forward to the weekend but here in the DooberVille time warp zone, the show starts at 4:00am. We don't need to sleep anyhoo! Come keep us company in the F1 section of the forums for qually and the race. Just click that big button up top that says DooberVille Forums!

SUN 30. Ok, the Doob's not above spreading a rumor or two. Did you read about Mad Max's alleged big sex sting and related video? Pretty crazy stuff i is true and because his behavior is detrimental to the sport, he should step down post haste.
Read the story in the forums - here

SUN 23. Begrudgingly, I'm starting to think the rumors that Alonso might be with Ferrari next year might have some merit. Can't say I'd like to see that but Jeebus, Massa is his own worst enemy, at this point. Fred's rep kinda went down for me after all his crybaby whining last year and his squeeze pass on DC last night didn't help it any.

It was nice to see the boys keeping Lewis honest this week. After saying that Melbourne was a cakewalk, it's probably good to see his bubble burst early in the season or he'd never be able to fit his helmet over his head. The wheel problem on his last stop wasn't his fault but why has everybody gone with those buttass ugly wheel covers anyway?

Two weeks until Bahrain. Keep an eye on the news and stay tuned to the 'Ville for the latest headlines

SAT 22.Did you happen to catch qualifying and the aftermath of penalties for the Macca boys. Did they really balk Quick nick? You would think the best drivers in the world could do a little better job of getting off line when they were off the pace, eh?

The Doob was up in the middle of the night watching live and Heidfield really did have to thread the needle to get around Heikki & Hammy. The real time shot showed just how quick it all happened. It was scary but man, do those cars change direction in a heartbeat.

So, should we just give this one to the boys in the red suits or will they fall over themselves like Melbourne? Think it might rain? That would be fun (for us spectators anyway)

The Doob will be watching. Come to the forums and let's hear your thoughts