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2008 Season Archives

15 Jun 09
The World Superbike gang is back in action at Misano. Let's all hear it for Ben Spies! John Hopkins is scheduled to return as well as a wildcard ride for Jamie Hacking. This should be one to watch as any race from Italy is always a nut house. Here  you go
  SBK San Marino/Misano thread

Weekend wrap - A record 7th Superpole for Spies and the double today in Utah. Congrats Ben! Too bad our experience was less than pleasant with Shouty Ralph mucking up the broadcast. Actually, the races sucked today. Our chat was a flop too. You can see the replay HERE, but don't bother. If you want more, hit the forums instead.

26 May 09
MILLER!!! Yes, Doobers, it's time for the fabulous World Superbike round from the USA's own Miller Motorsports Park in Utah. We are going to run a live chat during the SPEEDtv broadcast so please come and join us. Nothing to install and no signup needed so please be here or be queer (not that there's anything wrong with that) on Sunday, May 31. Until then, you can get all the latest over on our forums. Here's your link:
SBK Round 7: Miller thread

Final Update - Haga is the man and a tough weekend for Ben. This page is currently being modified to accommodate the crappy SBK feed. As always, there's more over on the boards.

antastic job, Ben!

16 May
Moving on...after we complain again about the farked up SBK feed. Over on the forums, we have a new thread going for the DMG action at Infineon, thanks to Doober KingKenny. Here is your link: DMG @ Infineon

15 May 09
- Kyalami! Action has begun and once again, we apologize for the pissy SBK news feed. There's doin's on the forums for this round too so check it out. SBK at Kyalami Thread

0 May 09 - Although we haven't seen the races yet, the results are in and posted on the forum. What tough luck for Spies in race 1 but things went his way in race when Haga hit a bird and went down. Sounds like a few riders ended up with some nasty injuries in race 1 and we wish them a speedy recovery. UPDATE: The 1st race was awesome and a heartbreaker to watch and the 2nd one? Ben Spies, we never knew how damn good you really were, but sure do now.

5 in a row for Spies!
Great job, Ben! Kick some asses for us tomorrow!

8 May 09
Damn! We're pissed off at the SBK news feed so much - you don't even want to know. So, with practice and first qualifying results in, what's up with our boy Ben so far? Is he just scoping it out fully intending to shine in Superpole again? Is he off the pace this weekend? His teammate Sykes is right there. We've got more on the forums in our official SBK at Monza thread.

5 May 09
Mladin won Barber. So much for that... We've got SBK coming up this weekend from Monza featuring the Ben and Nori show. Our race thread on the boards is here! We're really sorry that the SBK RSS news feed is screwed up. We're going to give them one more week and try and find something else.

29 Apr 09
The SBK feed is getting worse, not better, dammit! Hey, there's an AMA weekend @ Barber coming up, do you care?

Weekend Wrap - Ben Spies hero one day, zero the next. What a masterful display that first race was. Ben you are our hero. So sorry you tossed it in race two. We didn't even want to watch after that.

25 Apr 09
Spies takes 4th straight Superpole! Wow! Wish to hell SBK would get it that they need an English only RSS feed. Dumbasses!

24 Apr 09
SPIES on top again at Assen but bad news for our fellow compatriot John Hopkins with a dislocated his hip and what must be a hella pain. We'll have results up on the forums and watching on SPEEDtv on Sunday.

SBK is cranking things up again this week at Assen. Both races are showing on SPEEDtv on Sunday this round. For broadcast schedules, more info and a place to put your 2¢ in, visit our SBK Assen thread on the boards.

5 April 09 - Spies goes down in race 1 but redeems with a 2nd in race two. We've got a couple screen grabs up on the board of his spill. In other news, there was some AMADMG racing too. We've got results but not many comments as most everybody is majorly indifferent. We'll try to get the SBK news feed sorted out this week but until then, just laugh at how silly they have made it.

e're playing ketchup here in downtown DooberVille but oh holy cow! Check back later for more and sorry about the silly new SBK feed. It is so inconsistent, it makes us laugh. We've actually sent their webmaster a complaint but haven't gotten a response.

Update -
ot only is the new SBK feed messed up, NOW IT IS IN SPANISH! Or is tha Italiano? It's become downright amusing at this point so we'll leave it a day and see what else happens?

2 April
Whoa! SBK has a whole brand new website today and a new RSS feed. It looks like the feed may be too much to use since it is now filled with huge stories and pictures. That's messed up. Take a good thing and make it worser. Screw progress.

1 April 09
- SBK is back this weekend from Valencia but SPEED is only giving us one race on Sunday. Dorks! There's also an AMADMG race from somewhere but no one seems to care anymore except to bitch and whine. It'll be on tv a few weeks from now when nobody remembers or gives a shiat. At least we have our boy Ben Spies to watch in SBK and we have an official thread started on the forums, click here to go directly over.
Speed's feed is back!

29 Mar 09 -
Not much going on but SBK from Valencia is coming up on April 5. Speed is only showing one race on Sunday but we'll have results and comments on the forum. Speaking of how great SPEED is, their moto RSS feed has been offline since Friday. Hope they fix it soon, dumbasses.

24 Mar 09 - Well, wasn't Fontana fun? It seems the new rules have indeed stopped Suzuki's dominance, eh? Most interesting is that Jamie Hacking got suspended for his pissing match with DiSalvo. Big tough AMADMG, that'll teach 'um.

20 Mar 09
Hey the AMA is racing this weekend in Fontana. Do you care? We sort of do a little, but not a lot. We have a thread with a poll up on the forum if you'd like to check it out. It is HERE. JUST RELEASED! AMA pulls out of racing at Miller with the WSBK event. Jeez.

Update - Ben does some Texas style ass whoopin' in Qatar. Consider us instant fans.

12 MAR 09
Yeah Baby! We got two SBK races from Qatar this weekend and SPEED is showing both of them on Saturday! Bring it on! For more info, schedule and comments, check out our official SBK Qatar thread on the forums HERE!

Daytona Wrap - Good on BBoz for the win in the typical Daytona clusterfark. There were good parts and bad parts but the bikes did look good under the lights. The SX was a disappointment with Stewart going down and clonking his noggin in the first turn and the whole thing wasn't as fun as last year's mudbog.

The official Daytona race weekend thread is up! - CLICK! to have a visit.

03 Mar 09
We give up! The AMA can't keep their RSS online so we've bagged it. Nice timing with Daytona coming up this weekend, eh? On that note, we'd like to welcome SPEEDtv's new Moto feed for your dancing and dining pleasure. Enjoy!

01 MAR 09 - Ben Spies wins race two at Philip Island! Way to go Ben!

Read about in the forums, here.

Feb 24.
ippie! WSBK starts up again on March 1st and now that we have a proper rider in the field, we're actually excited to watch this season. Schedule is up on the board but you gotta sign up to see it. Go check it out. We'll have our official thread up in a day or so and we'll put a link here.
Feb 22. Took a ride today and the bike ran and sounded so sweet, thought we'd share

26 Jan 09. After being the biggest, loudest whiners about the whole AMA/DMG debacle and waiting until Honda and Kawi pulled out, Suzuki announces today they will run 3 riders and field a full factory effort. What a load of crap.
16 Nov. Yamaha is the first manufacturer to officially come out and spill their plans to run with the DMG next season with Josh Hayes and Eric Bostrum. Now let's see what Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki plan to do?

29 Oct.
ypical DMG announcement and very little chatter. Do people even care? Hell, we're going to give it a rest and enjoy the last race of the SBK season from the spectacular new track in Portugal. We have a thread started on the forums so come on over and say howdy. Here's a LINK.
24 Oct. Big breaking news today on the new rules and classes. For a quick fix, visit or superbikeplanet. We'll be chatting it all up over the weekend so check the boards.

11 Oct.
Nothing new to report on the DMG affair. Rumors are still flying but no one knows what the hell is happening.

2 Oct.
ell, it's over. Nobody knows what they're doing next year. Even newly crowned supersport champ, Ben Bostrum doesn't have a contract. Come on over to the forums to help us piss and moan about the whole farking situation.

We've got SBK action from France this weekend and both races are on SPEEDtv this Sunday. Check out our official thread on the board for the weekend news and comments.

25 Sept.
ell, we're totally sick of the AMA/DMG vs MIC shit and don't really care anymore. At any rate, the very last "real" AMA Superbike race is this weekend at Laguna Seca. Come give us a shout or shed a tear in our official forum thread.

In SBK news, it seems Ben Spies is going to replace Haga at Yamaha and now Corser has bailed to ride for BMW. Crazy!

12 Sept. As a fan, we wonder what the hell is going to happen. Stories are flying around the net covering just about every point of view. We've even got some of our own junk on the boards. As HeadDoober around this joint, we're taking an official position in the matter and fully supporting the USSB. Read more here.

10 Sept.
BOMBSHELL!!! - The MIC has announced their plans for USSB, a new superbike series to rival (and hopefully bury) the DMG. Read more on the forums or get the scoop from Soup.

7 Sept.
he DMG has graciously thrown out Suzuki's appeal without even looking at it so the 2008 Championship goes to Ben Spies. We're still waiting for SBK results from Donington so check back.

2 Sept.
ith one race to go and the DQ situation still not settled, does anybody really care? Will Laguna Seca have anybody show up to watch? We dunno but we'll be covering the crap as it happens over on the friendly forums. Go there and see!

World Superbike is back in action this week from Donington. We've got our race thread on the boards (LINK) but just want to bitch at SPEEDtv because they aren't showing race 2 until Tuesday. Bastards!

29 Aug. Whoa Nelly! After provisional Superbike qualifying, the Yosh Suzuki's have been torn down and impounded. What kind of mess is this? Read more in our weekend race thread.

26 Aug.
With Road Atlanta just around the corner, fans are still buzzing about Mat's DQ and it should be a damned interesting weekend. Sad bit of news though as it seems the potential new series from the MIC is not going to happen. Check the rumors thread over in the neighborhood.

24 Aug.
With Mladin's DQ from VIR, it looks like Spies will put another title in his pocket? Is this whole thing with Mat's crank political bullshit and retribution from the DMG for his outspokenness? They say it isn't but come on, they're making a scapegoat out of Mladin. Feel differently? Come to the forums and let us know.

20 Aug. Condolences to the families of 14 year old Toriano Wilson who was killed at VIR during the Red Bull Rookies Cup. Damn Shame.

Rumors floating about today have Ben Spies going to Gresini Honda next season, the MIC announcing their upstart anti-DMG road racing series and that Mladin is having his crank inspected. We've got the stories on the forum so slide on over and check 'em out.

17 Aug. Waiting for the events from day two from Virginia. Check back later for the latest. Mat spanked Ben on Saturday so there should be some racin' going on today! Results and discussion are in our official weekend event thread right here!

11 Aug
. Hey hey! It's time for the Big Kahuna Nationals from VIR this weekend! We'll have our official AMA race weekend thread up shortly so check back and we'll give you a handy dandy linky right here.

With the 2nd race from Mid-O uneventful and BBoz's Yammie legal, there's not much else to say. It does seem that the AMA/DMG debacle continues and things are really looking like next year is pretty much up in the air at this point. Not much else but to just wait and see what happens. If you would like to spread any new unfounded rumors, please visit our forums and post it up.

DooberVille does send our condol-ences to the friends and family of Craig Jones who lost his life to the sport last weekend at Brands Hatch. Godspeed.

Sunday AM:
What a cluster in superbike from Mid-O on Saturday. Three red flags, crashes, fires, ambulances and air transport. Fortunately no one was seriously injured. We will watch the SS and superbike action on SPEED this afternoon and hope for the best. Even though it has an also ran status in the broadcast schedule for the weekend, we do have a new thread going for World Superbike from Brands Hatch. Here's your linky.

1 Aug.
Mid-Ohio is underway and on schedule. Catch the latest discussion on the forums in this here thread. Seems Mr. Spies isn't still feeling too well and that's too bad. SPEED isn't showing WSBK from Brands Hatch until Tuesday, the bastoids! Stay tuned during the weekend for the hot headlines.

26 July. In another week, our homeboys will be at the great Mid-Ohio round and we'll be on the job passing along what we hear. It also looks like the DMG has come out with their official classes and rules but as of right now, it's still a cluster. See ya soon with some good stuff from Mid-O.
Mladin checks out at Laguna while Spies finishes in a lonely 2nd. It was a snoozer made worse by our super best friend announcer, Ralphie Shaeen.

With one race to go for the day, check back this evening for the wrap up. It's been one heck of a day!

Friday notes:
Spies looked pretty good on the GP bike but Mladin had the top times in superbike. Enough to put him top 10 on the MotoGP grid.

17 July
It's off to Laguna for the weekend and lots going on with Spies and Hacking both doing double duty. This is the mostest awesomest bestest thing in the world. Come on over to the boards to tune into our MotoGP and AMA Superbike discussions.

Let's not forget the WSBK gang doing it from Brno either. That should be some fine racing, Lou! WSBK Brno thread is HERE

Not much new going on while everybody waits for Laguna. We do have a few updates on Roger Hayden and a few new comments on the AMA/DMG debacle but other than that, we're waiting for the scene to heat back up as the next events get closer.

4 July.
Spies made a respectable showing at the MotoGP test in Indianapolis but the big news week is that the DMG may be backing down from their absurd new rules and coming up with a "Factory Superbike" class. It's all still a mess but there is some hope for the fans that we'll still see the badass 1000's with the top riders next year in the US. Keep up with all the latest news on the forums, which is just a click away.
Ben Spies produced a good qualifying result in the rain in Donington but finished well down in the order. The good news is he finished and improved laptimes with every circuit. If Capirossi's hand is still buggered next week, we'll get to see Spies on the Suzuki again in Assen. That would be cool!
15 June
. With the AMA boys off until Laguna, big news is that Spies will be replacing Capirossi at Donington and Assen. The other big news is that Roger Edmonson continues to spout out crap that clearly demonstrates he knows how to put the dick in dictatatorship. Methinks if this keeps up, it's not going to end well. In SBK news, the rounds at Nurburgring were clearly Haga's in spite of local boy, Neukirchner's hometown advantage.

Spies gets his record for 7 in a row but Mladin keeps it from being 8. Hacking again looking good on the Kawi. Rapp wins in Supersport but gets DQ's giving the spot to Bostrum. The first part of Race 2 was great with 3 bikes in the fray but we still wish Rog Hayden was back the saddle on the green bike.

6 June
. Back in action at Road America after only a week's break. Weather is spotty but Spies on top of the Friday times. Provisional qual for Saturday has Kaw a friggin' saki in P2 with Hacking at the helm and splitting the Suzuki's. I'm calling a slump for Mladin. Anybody else? Hop over to the weekend race thread here and toss in your nickel.

You know, just one Doober's opinion but the SBK races from Utah seemed to lack their regular pizzaz. With Checa running away and hiding and no tight battle for the lead at the line, the events just didn't seem quite as exciting as usual? In the AMA ranks, Ben Bostrum had a terrible weekend and Mladin's wasn't much better. We did smile to see Jamie Hacking on the box twice with the Kawasaki. The green Superbike is coming around which is more than we can say for the MotoGP team. With just a few days of rest, the local gang is off to Road America, one of the great race tracks in the country where we'll hopefully see something spiffy. We'll be talking, like we always do, over on the forums so come on over and check it out.
1 June. With the goodies from Miller well underway, we impatiently await the SBK races and final AMA events. Big shakeup in the points on Saturday with Mladin failing to finish race 1. Iron man of the day has to go to Nori Haga for returning from the hospital with a collar bone broken in 4 places and still placing 10th in Superpole. Bring it SBK boys! We're waiting!
Another week to go before the AMA and SBK round from Miller in Utah. It's gonna be a big show so don't miss it. If you're a fan, hop on over to the boards and get involved. Our "official" discussion thread for SBK is already underway (here) and one for the AMA boys should be started up very soon.

Another Ben & Mat show from Infineon and Mat actually grows a pair and speaks out against the DMG. Good on him! World Superbike from Miller Motorsports Park is coming up in another week and we've already got some inside skinny posted in the forums.

We still never got a response from the AMA regarding their RSS feeds but do see that the headlines have updated here so it's still kind of working. We'll keep pestering them to provide RSS feeds for AMA Pro Racing.

Ok, has anybody seen the new AMA website? What the hell happened to it? It appears that they are no longer providing an RSS feed that we can proudly post here in DooberVille? To try and find out WTF is going on, we emailed their webmaster over 24 hours ago inquiring about the current feed, that appears dead, and asked if their AMA Pro Racing Superbike news could be also be provided as an RSS feed as well. We have received no response. At this point, I have no idea what the hell is going on with the AMA and I'm not just talkin' about their website. The Doobers over on the forums have a lively discussion going on about the sellout to the Daytona Motorsports Group. You can add your two cents to the thread, HERE.

We'll keep an eye on this page and see what the AMA newsfeed does. It's pretty damn stale as it is, but it still has the most current news off their main page.

In other goings on, the buzz is starting up about the next SBK race in the good ol' US of A over in the DooberVille neighborhood. Go on over and have a look. We'll even make it a challenge for you and not give you a direct link on this one! Find it yourself and have a look at some of the other things going on over there while you're at it! We're also chatting up the upcoming AMA race weekend at Sears Point (Infineon). A linky to those posts is right here, baby!

10-11 MAY.  Off we go for a little Italian and a visit to historic Monza for this weekend's round of SBK. This is a very tight series and Monza has some wicked fast corners. Expect some awesome action and if you'd like to share your opinion, we have an "Official" Monza discussion thread over at, you guessed it, the DooberVille forums. Click here to go there! We've also have an update on Rog Hayden's recovery and some other goodies. See if you can find them. (Hint: it's on the forum)
5-MAY.  Coming up next is SBK from Monza! Registered Doobers can check the event calendar on the forums for broadcast info and discussion or hop on over to for more. We're still bumming that both Rog & Tommy got hurt in Fontana and we're still thinking the whole DMG thing is going to kill American road racing. What do y'all think, eh? Come sign up in the neighborhood and give us your opinion.
25-27 APR. Big windy weekend in Fontana but things are proceeding. Results are posted in the forums for AMA and also both SBK races. Can't wait to watch it on SPEEDtv later this afternoon. Come check it out.

 25-27 APR.And so it begins! Practice and qualifying times are posted in the forums for both AMA from Fontana and SBK from Assen. Come check it out and add your two cents to the party. Check back all weekend for the latest news and headlines. We'll see ya on the boards!

24 APR. Okay! Bike stuff has its own new page now. Things are still in development here but check back this weekend for all the latest news from SBK in Assen and the AMA boys in Fontana! Yippiee! Bikes!
20 APR.
With another two weeks to go before Shanghai, we're jonesin' for some good bike on bike action. AMA satisfied some of our needs but with the same ol' (Suzuki) story. Lucky for us the Superstock class gave us a crackin' good race between Bostrum and Herrin. Next week, it's SBK from Assen and we expect a good show. Did you know that the DooberVille forums have sections for AMA and SBK in addition to our beloved MotoGP? Check it out for yourself!

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