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2008 Season Archived pages
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25 August 09
No, we're not dead! Holy shiat! What an insane few months and that's about all we're going to say. We're looking to get back in the swing of things and get caught up around here this week. Sorry for the interruption of service but at least the news headlines have been fresh each day. Hang on Doobers! We're coming back!

23 June 09
Oh Crap! Due to an unexpected turn of events, we are going to have to take a short break. Please forgive our temporary leave but as always, we'll always have current headlines so you can stay top of the racing world. We will be back to full strength after 4th of July weekend.

15 June 09
Coming up this week we have the British Grand Prix where the world will be watching to see if Jensen Button can bring it home in front of the home crowd? That's going to be good but we have no live broadcast, goddammit. We will have Indycars from Iowa but again, it's not on Versus and on ABC. Something got screwed up in the TV deal because VS doesn't show qualifying when the race is on ABC. That's messed up so to make up for it, we will watch the same day coverage of World Superbikes from Misano. That will be a treat so join us on the forums for some talk before we turn the damn thing off, and that would be sad.

14 June - Oh boy! If you didn't see it live, make sure to watch MotoGP on SPEEDtv later today. There was one of the best last lap battles in several years. It was very exciting. In other news, Peugeot finally does it after 16 years.

13 Jun Sat
Up before the chickens today for live MotoGP qualifying and the start of Le Mans. Lorenzo is the man and one of the Audi's has crashed in the first half hour. It's gonna be a long weekend.

09 June 09
Look, with only two races this weekend of note you wouldn't think it would be hard to keep up but one of them is the freakin' 24 hours of Le Mans! And we have a MotoGP too - how cool is that? We won't stray far from our monitors and keyboards so come join the party!

Weekend wrap - We caught a fair bit of racing this weekend but nothing really stuck out as fantastic. F1 was kind of meh, Indycars at Texas was kind of meh and even Pocono was a typical Pocono. We didn't get to see all the Grand-Am 6 hour from Watkins Glen but the part we did was cool. I think the GP2 race on SPEED was one of the best of the bunch? We are still behind around this joint recovering from our hard drive crash but almost back to normal. Check back during the week for the latest news headlines and hit our boards to read more or leave us a comment.

05 June 09
Oh Shiat! It has been one of those (2) days. The main DooberVille HQ computer crapped out a Seagate hard drive and the recovery has put us days behind. We're slowly coming back up to speed, ha ha, get it, and should have the site updated sometime on Saturday. Sorry for the inconvenience, if anybody noticed?

01 Jun 09
Damn! June already? Coming up this weekend we've got F1 and Indycars along with Grand-Am at the Glen and round 3 of the outdoor motocross series. Let's start the bitching right now that F1 won't be live but instead will be tape delayed on FOX. Good news is the three amigos from SPEEDtv will be doing the show. Check back often for the latest news headlines and hop over to the boards to see what other fans have to say.

Weekend wrap -
Argh! We had some awkward scheduling conflicts today and only partly watched half of everything. Our day started at 3:15am to catch the GP's from Italy, then NASCAR, then Indycar then World Superbike. We're pooped and ready for our beer & donuts. We had our first live chat today but it was less than a great success so we likely won't do it again unless we get a request. Our top picks of the day? By far the 250 and MotoGP from Mugello.

31 May 09 AM Update
What a great MotoGP race from Mugello this morning. Make sure to watch it on SPEED later today. Also on SPEED today are the World Superbikes at Miller Motorsports Park in Utah. Be sure to join us during the broadcast for our live chat. We'll be doing Indycars on the forums too so don't miss out. OH NOES, we're suffering from a flakey connection this morning and may be a bit late getting updates posted?

29 May 09
5:00am Friday morning and our weekend begins with MotoGP free practice 1. We're still jazzed over SBK coming up on Sunday and our first live chat but we are a little disappointed that there is no broadcast TV coverage of Indycar qualifying for Milwaukee. We're just getting the ball rolling so keep checking back for updates and the latest racing news headlines.
26 May 09 - What a great weekend, mostly? Monaco was cool, Indy was good and NASCAR was something? We're running a bit behind due to the holiday but there's big things brewing this week so check back and don't miss it. We're doing something new and special for the SBK races this week - we're hosting a live chat during the broadcast on SPEEDtv so be sure to check it out. We have new threads up on the boards for the fantastic MotoGP race from Mugello and this Sunday's Indycar race from the Milwaukee Mile. Keep it here in the 'Ville for all the latest racing headline news and as always, check out the forums for a whole lot more.
24 May 09 - Today is the big day! We've been up since the asscrack of dawn for the first big happening, The Grand Prix of Monaco. Let's just say the early season predictors that Button would be the next WDC are looking prophetic. We're gonna grab some eats, take a break and hunker down for the Indy 500. Check back later for updates and as always, check the forums for the latest doin's.

19 May 09
- Formula 1 fan alert! Practice for Monaco is on Thursday, not Friday. Beyond that, there's the freakin' INDY 500 and the Coke 600 to watch this weekend. It's gonna be good so stay tuned to the 'Ville for all the latest headlines

17 May - Sunday AM
- What a MotoGP race! Make sure to watch it on SPEEDtv as it's a cracker - most of it at least. SBK coming up on the tube today too but results are already in for those that want to know. Back later this afternoon with updates and weekend wraps.

16 May - Saturday AM -
Up, we are, at the asscrack of dawn to catch MotoGP and 250 qualifying and are awaiting results of Superpole from Kyalami. There's some whoop-de-doo roundy round stuff tonight too in The Winston. Make that the all-star race or whatever. Should be a lot of crashes which is why we watch (mostly but not really). Check back later today for more, there's more Indy qualifying happening as well as DMG racing from Infineon (we are pained to say AMA racing). Don't leave without checking out the forums or we'll be sad.

15 May 09 -
Yikes! Where the hell did the week go? We've got some catching up to do around here today so check back later this afternoon for more.

Weekend Wrap - Now it's time. Boy! Some wicked action in the SBK races from Monza today, eh? And all that carnage at the start of Formula 1? Watched racing for two days and saw some great and some mediocre stuff but it's a wunnerful time to be a race fan. Congrats to our own ÜberDoober for getting the DooberVille name on Wind Tunnel tonight from Dave Despain's very own lips! Nice Job! (And Dave, wear the red shirt next week)

10 May 09
- Not quite ready to wrap up the weekend yet but it has been good so far. Check back later for updates on the action from Indy and more.

9 May 09 -
Indycar pole day and Saturday night NASCAR racing. What a perfect Saturday. UPDATE: Castroneves on Pole for the 500. Button on pole for F1. Spies wins Superpole in Monza! Hit the news pages for more info and the top news stories then slide over to the forums for more.

8 May 09 - Formula 1, SBK and Indy qualifying and I'll even mention Darlington! There's some good stuff coming up this weekend without a doubt.

Cinco de Mayo
- After a single GP "light" weekend, coming up this weekend is F1 from Spain, SBK from Monza and Indy 500 stuff! We're just getting caught up on the forums. Hang on, Doobers! There's going to be some great racing coming up.

3 May 09 - In spite of our pleasure at a great weekend of 2-wheel GP racing, it is with heavy hearts that we have learned our favorite sim racing league, GT Sim Racing, is closing the doors and not finishing out the season. DooberVille would like to take our hats off to Mr. Jake Francis for all his hard work and we wish him the best of luck for the future. Thank you, Jake.

2 May 09
- Here we go! MotoGP qual is history! Get the results and post your predictions for tomorrow's race on the boards. Good luck!

29 Apr 09 - Light schedule for the weekend coming up with the only big race being the MotoGP from Jerez which suits us fine. Big news out today that McLaren is off the hook, more or less, for lying. Stay tuned for updates on everything throughout the week and check the forums for more.

SITE NEWS: We are in RSS hell today! Our feeds keep breaking and the stupid SBK feed is in English and or Italian or Spanish. Over the weekend, the crew is going to be upgrading and testing an improved RSS feed integration technology that should help things on the technical side but we still depend on the source of the feed to not screw things up on their side. We're working on it! Have some complimentary beer and donuts while you wait.

Weekend Wrap
- There was some fantastic racing this weekend and a crash that will have people talking for weeks. Thanks to the rain gods, MotoGP, Indycar and Formula 1 were all run in dry conditions. That truck race that was postponed Saturday night? Yeah, that was us and they were our sacrifice to the aforementioned gods. We'll get caught up again early next week so check back for the latest.

25 Apr 09 - Stayed up late to cry when MotoGP qually was cancelled and got up early to catch F1 qual. Standing by for Indy qual while watching Grand-Am and NNS. I have no life.

24 Apr 09 - Friday night here in the 'Ville and we're just kicking back and restin' up for this upcoming dream weekend for us racing addicts. MotoGP qual is up later and hours for your "pick for pole" vote in our contest are running short. Voting for the race picks is open until race time. So, we'll be up until midnight then up again at 4:00am for Formula 1 qualifying. Rinse and repeat for Saturday night too. Throw in some SBK action from Assen where it looks like Spies might kick everybody's ass, Indycar's first oval of the year at Kansas and if there's time or as a channel surfing target, even some Talledega? Whoa man! Keep here in DooberVille for the latest and check out our boards for more.

- Big weekend ahead for you race fans! MotoGP and another Formula 1 race, Indycars on the first oval of the year and World Superbikes from Assen. Keep it here for all the latest and greatest racing news! New race threads and schedules are up on the forums!
Update! - Great race from Long Beach!

19 Apr 09 - Cox Internet fooked us again!
So very sorry for no updates but man, is there a lot of stuff going on. Last night's Formula 1 race was simply amazing and we are stunned at how fortunes have changed. Still on tap for today is Indycar from Long Beach, one of our favorites for many years. Oh yeah, we made a little onsite visit to the NASCAR world this weekend too. Read about it and see our pics on the forum.

16 Apr 09
- F1 kicks off with practice tonight and qualifying tomorrow. We'll be at PIR watching the Nationwide roundy round bunch but will try to be be home by 11:00pm local time to catch the show on Friday. Race is Saturday in the middle of the night and there's Indycars from Long Beach on Sunday. W00t!

F1 Diffusergate over - Declared legal!!

13 Apr 09
- Whoa! MotoGP completes the race in Qatar on Monday and the F1 show starts up again on Thursday night. Hardly time to catch our breath but we aren't complaining. Stay tuned for more. Oh yeah! Indycars at Long Beach this weekend too! Groovy!

Current Status: Suicidal
- Rain in Qatar. More later after our tears have dried.

11 Apr 09
- MotoGP qualifying is done and our first points have been awarded in our MotoGP contest. We have extended the deadline for entering until race time on Sunday

10 Apr 09 - Just standing by for the MotoGP action this weekend. Can't think about anything else. Get your votes in. Our contest for Qatar closes at 1:00pm PST on Saturday!

5 Apr
- We have hardly been able to catch our breath this weekend with all the great racing, everywhere! What an incredible Formula 1 race! What a fantastic Indycar race! Superbikes in Valencia! Hell, even NASCAR. We've still been hampered by a flakey Internet connection but our eyes and brains of full of all the great action we were lucky enough to see. Whew! Things couldn't be better. Oh well, maybe. AMA ran this weekend, Mladin won again and so did the Buells. To bad nobody really cares anymore. Hang with us during the week as we lead up to the season opener of MotoGP. Get your votes in fans for your chance to win a hunnert bucks!

4 Apr 09 - Our Internets are fooked!
Sorry if you've missed our (cough) expert commentary here in the 'Ville this morning but we'll give it another shot and see what happens? Indycar qualifying is over but we'll be watching on VS later today to see how they do it. We also were up for F1 qualifying last night and are viewing ALMS as we speak. Check back later for updates and more here in DooberVille.

3 Apr 09 -
Here we go! The weekend is here and filled with fun and excitement, girls in bikinis and all the free lobster you can eat! Wait, I was thinking of something else. Formula 1 from Malaysia and Indycars and ALMS from St. Pete. Be here or be queer, (not that there's anything wrong with that). Join us here in DooberVille and catch all your favorite racing news headlines.

2 Apr 09 - Hamilton DQ'd from Australia!

1 Apr 09 -
We're no fool! Oh, maybe some but we're not fooling about the buttload of racing coming up this weekend! It's the season opening round of Indycar on the streets of St. Pete, ALMS, Formula 1 and SBK. We may not even see the sun until it's all over. We're talking about it all over on the forums so go check it out. Keep in the 'Ville for all the news!

29 Mar. - Oh boy! What a Formula 1 race!
Whatever it is, new rules, Kers or diffusers, the season opener at Melbourne was a fantastic race for us fans. If you didn't stay up to watch live, do yourself a favor and catch the replay!

27 Mar.
iddle of the night in this part of the planet and F1 qualifying finished up a bit ago. To keep it brief, we are in shock here in the 'Ville. Hit the F1 page or even better, hit the forums for the latest. Betcha a donut you'll say Holy Cow!

26 Mar 09
Thanks to you guys that have visited from ASS. Even though it's only 1:20pm, I'm thinking ahead to tonight at 10:30 when we get to watch our first live broadcast session of Formula 1 this year. We're stoked! Beer & Donuts standing by - roger that, HQ. Out until later. Oh But Wait, There's More! Come on over and join us live on the forum all of Speed's F1 coverage.
21 Mar 09 - Hey! Visitors from AutoSimSport, Howdy! Click the little ASS logo in the upper right for a special welcome post on our forums. Check out our site first then come on ova! No AutoSimSport magazine? Download it here:

18 Mar 09
- HOLY COW! We're having a contest! - Click the banner above for the rules. We are so awesome! ALMS time this weekend with the 12 Hours of Sebring and we're rarin' to go with an official Sebring thread on the forum. While you're over there, look around - there is a bunch of new crap to enjoy.

Weekend Wrap
- SBK for sure the highlight of the weekend. Not much else happening to talk about? Standby while we dose ourselves with beer and donuts and wait for the ALMS and the great 12-Hours of Sebring coming up Saturday. Sad news for the locals, famous Manzanita Speedway in Phoenix is closing down. We have a thread on the board with more.

12 MAR 09
- Yippiee! Got World Superbike coming up this weekend and SPEED is showing both of them on Saturday. Check the bike page for more scoopage or hit the forums and check out our official Qatar SBK thread.

Weekend Wrap
- NASCAR from Atlanta was the only show in town today and most of it found The Doob snoozing or outside raking leaves. The GWC promised a little action but the guy now known as The Shrub's big brother took the win. Next weekend, we've got two SBK races that SPEEDtv is actually showing on Saturday so now we have something to look forward to. Woot!

07 Mar 09
- Well, the Daytona 200 was what we expected it to be and was the typical clustarfark that this race always ends up as. Just finished up watching the Supercross and the big tangle at the start that put Bubba on his head. Yeouch! Caught some of the truck race today from Atlanta too which had some good action in the closing laps and was actually almost exciting. We'll be back after catching the big races tomorrow. Damn! Almost forgot, our forum Doober, LittleAlguy has been named Doober of the Year! Go check out the board for the news and a few other changes and awards.

05 Mar 09
- Jeepers! "American Superbike ran on Thursday and the results are everywhere and we've got 'em too over on the forum. The Daytona 200 runs on Friday night so check your local listings. Oh yeah, don't doze off during the 200 or you might miss BSG. Can't have that, now can we?

03 Mar 09
- Okay, we hate to do it but we've given up on our AMA RSS feed. Oh goodie! Just in time for Daytona! We're gearing up for the weekend and we've made some layout changes on the forums so stay tuned because even though it's the DMG we're talking about, it's still racing and The Doob will be on the job. UPDATE: The official Daytona race weekend thread is up! - CLICK! to have a visit.

01 Mar 09
- SPIES WINS! Ben's first race was dismal but redemption came in race two with a win in his first race weekend. Now dumbass SPEED is only showing the first race today. Suckage!

Follow along with us on the forums. Here's a link!

24 Feb '09
- World Superbike starts March 1st! Yeah! Go Ben Spies! The genius programmers at SPEEDtv aren't showing race two until Tuesday. Brilliant! The Daytona 200 is coming up weekend after next and we are oh so excited (/sarcasm). NASCRAP in Fontana was as boring as we expected it to be. We have a tradition around here on Sunday afternoon when there's no other racing on. We call it our NASCAR NAP.

22 Feb '09
- NASCAR's still the only show in town for a few weeks more anyway. Standing by now to watch the usual snoozefest at Fontana. Check out the AMA/SBK page for a short video of the official bike of DooberVille.
15 FEB '09
- NASCAR takes the stage this weekend and we have to confess that we watched the truck race on Friday, the Nationwide Series on Saturday and am now typing to the familiar voices on the Daytona 500 pre-race BS. Bring it on boys! We'll be watching for our new favorite driver, Scott Speed because he's the most unusual and kooky kid we've seen in a while and we like him. Check back later or post you comments over on the forums in our Daytona 500 thread. UPDATE - This year's rain shortened race was won by Matt Kenseth!

February already?
oly Cow, Batman! Not that it's at the top o' the list here in the 'Ville, NASCAR season is underway. With the Bud Shootout last night and the Daytona 500 next week, we'll be tuning in just to get back in the groove for when "real" racing gets started. If you haven't hit the forums lately, we've got a few new looks and cleaned house a little as part of gearing up for our much beloved world championship series'. Come on over for a look and check back often as spring is upon us.
26 Jan. 09 Check it out, Doobers! We've been busy and added two new color themes to the forums for you to choose from. Things are starting to pick up and racing is about to begin again. Catch the Rolex 24? We did and it was great! Stay tuned for more changes and new stuff soon

18 January 09. Here it is! Another year already and we're getting ready for all the preseason and start of the season(s) action. The Doob has been on hiatus for a month or two and nothing has been updated, especially over on the forums. We are ready to get the party started again so please check back over the next few weeks to see what's up.
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